Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sponsored post: BBC Summer Good Food Show.

It's so exciting to see the UK turn its reputation for bad food around. People you'd never expect turn out to be crazed foodies, everyone is obsessed with MasterChef, and more and more people shop thoughtfully and grow their own, thinking about where what they're putting on their plate has come from and how it has been treated.

This year's BBC Summer Good Food Show is a chance to spend a day watching and learning direct from expert chefs at work and meeting and buying direct from producers.

There will be a Producers’ Village, packed with small speciality producers of local and seasonal produce, including pavilions dedicated to Slow Food UK where you will find producers of good, clean and fair food and drink.

You can learn how to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs in the Grow Your Own Area, getting advice from experts from Gardeners' World and the Royal Horticultural Society*, and learn what can be achieved with even the smallest of plots.

As well as all this, celebrity chefs such as the Hairy Bikers, James Martin and Rachel Allen will be cooking fresh, summer dishes live in the Summer Kitchen, and previous MasterChef winners James Nathan and Thomasina Miers will be showing off their skills and the inspiration behind their cooking style as well as giving expert tuition in small group sessions.

When you're entertained out, you can shop your way through hundreds of delicious foods, kitchen gadgets, and special show bargains, followed by cocktails, refreshing bubbly and rich spirits in the drinks area. Or head over to Tasting Beers Live and sample the world’s finest beers.

*The BBC Summer Good Food Show takes place at the same time as BBC Gardeners' World Live, and your ticket gives you entry to both shows on the day of your visit, so you can wander freely between the two shows.

The show is at the NEC Birmingham, 16 – 20 June. Get your tickets here.

Pistachio truffles, pictured, by Lauden Chocolates, exhibiting at the show as part of the Fair.


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