Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Olympic Park.

I cycled past the site of the Olympic Park on my way home from mosaicing at the weekend. The River Lea and its network of adjoining canals runs alongside it and make a gorgeous cycle route, connecting East and North London.

It was really lovely and tranquil along the river. It must be so annoying for all the residents to have this massive change going on around them.

On one side of the river is high security fencing, behind which cranes swing and futuristic building work frantically takes place. On the other side are housing estates.

River Lea

It looks as though they're 'dealing with' the structures along the west side of the river that really have to go.

Building beside River Lea

Apparently there used to be great grafitti along this stretch. A little bit remains. I hope they don't just demolish everywhere with character.


But seeing the structure of the Olympic Stadium itself softened this cynical Londoner; I've been dreading the disruption of the Games, really.

Olympic Park

It seemed incongruous, lurking in the background on a quiet summer evening amid the smell of barbecue wafting off the houseboats. But I did get a little rush of excitement. And I'm always up for a bit of Russian male gymnasts action.
Olympic Park


  1. I hate to see what they are doing to Greenwich, all its history and character will be gone very soon to accommodate the Olympics. It's frustrating that they can go ahead with such big changes for an event which is going to last a mere 2 weeks!

  2. Nice pics, "thanks for posting". I'm gonna head down there for a snoop soon myself.

    Incidentally, recently I told someone all the tickets for the 2012 olympics were sold out and they believed me. And I was mad against the olympics for ages because I perceived it was just a scheme to make Seb Coe (and Jeffrey Archer) rich. Now I am a massive Jessica Ennis fan, and Shanaze, and lil' diver boy. Come 2012 I'm gonna be all flagged up like a BNP. Frothing with fervour and pride and SPORT.

  3. The changes they're making for the Olympics are most definitely a good thing. Loads of money is being invested into a part of London that really needed it. The impact will last way longer than a mere 2 weeks and change many people's lives for the better. Yes, there's always going to be some unwanted disruption, but the positives way outweigh the negatives. Sneaky - not sure what's changing in Greenwich but the demolition of the market is to do with one of the Universities, not the Olympics (Gutted because it was a good market tho!)

    So I say BRING IT ON. I can't frickin' wait!

  4. Greenwich Market is going because they are building hotels and flat just in time for the...well yes, Olympics! And the whole of Greenwich Park including its ancient and Saxon sites is going to be dug out to make suitable race horse tracks, again, for for 2 weeks of Olympics.

    These kind of changes are destructive to the community and the whole area is losing its character. This surely cannot be a positive?