Monday, 24 May 2010

Learning to mosaic.


I spent the weekend at a mosaic workshop, run by a friend who is a master mosaicist. Along with seven others, I learnt how to cut, lay tiles and grout, got to know about the tools, methods and different styles of mosaic and how to deal with the materials. We were merrily cutting up broken plates as though they were pieces of paper after a couple of hours.


We all produced something that we were proud of, nobody flunked out (although I was borderline at one point); probably due to Jo's saint-like patience as we badgered her every second for advice on what we were doing. It was interesting to learn a new skill and challenge my brain to think in a completely new way. It would be a great thing for teams of workmates or friends to bond, learn a new skill and have something to take away at the end of the two days. I'm absolutely dying to do another session now I've learned the skills, and produce something really mega. A December session would be a great way to make Christmas presents. Here are some of our finished pieces.


Here is my masterful effort. Jo did try and warn me that typography was one of the hardest things to mosaic but I ignored her. Um, I can hear you laughing by the way.

My Hull mosaic

Contact Jo Thorpe Mosaic if you are interested in a quote for a class or workshop or would like to commission a piece or some restoration. Check out her incredible work here. She is East London based but can travel. Thanks again Jo, you've got the patience of a saint! It was a truly heavenly and relaxing weekend.


  1. How fun! The results look great.

  2. I love these. I love yours. I want one with my monogram. That would be so post-modern...Oh well, the urge will pass.

  3. That looks like great fun!

  4. So much fun!! I love taking classes with all sorts of trades, really helps the DIY and creativity. Great results yes!


  5. That looks great.
    good blog too.

  6. it was ace wasn't it?! i keep looking and mine and can't quite believe i made it...

    gonna stick mine up on the old blog this week at some point

    xmas prezzie mosaic weekend in nov methinks?

    kjp xxx

  7. This looks so wonderful!

  8. I love your Hull mosaic, it reminds me of some of the older tube stations. It's a beautiful piece, and I hope you are really proud!