Tuesday, 4 May 2010

From Chile to Chocolate.

A lot of Londoners are obsessed with Mexican food. Mainly because it's quite hard to get hold of decent stuff here. Luardos food van do the best burritos and carnitas I've found and Wahaca is a good sit-down restaurant but expensive. (I keep meaning to get a copy of Mexican Food Made Simple by Wahaca's owner, Thomasina Miers.)

From Chile to Chocolate is a blog written by a man obsessed by Mexican food and is an invaluable resource for Londoners, with tips to help source Mexican ingredients plus ideas and inspiration. Mr Chile to Chocolate is currently in Mexico barbecuing cactus, so reading about his adventures provides even better inspiration. Drool warning. I need to order that book!


  1. Melbourne doesn't have a lot of great Mexican options either. Usually it's something I cook at home, probably in true hybrid Western-Mexican fusion. (Although I do try to avoid El Taco kits).

    Poppy xox

  2. I didn't know the Wahaca lady had a cook book- I LOVE it there for a quick not too spendy bite

    and I will look up the blog

  3. Daddy donkey, the curiously-named burrito van on Leather Lane is good... and I hear good things about Green & Red in Bethnal Green too. I love Mexican food, must try the places you mention....

  4. I can tell you- the book is really good!


  5. Can most definately recommend 'Mexican Food Made Simple'.....made a number of recipes from it (frijoles refritos, spicy bird tacos and fresh salsa) this past weekend for some friends and they were super impressed, or at least they said they were. Recipes are not difficult but do take some time so perfect for lazy weekend cooking.