Friday, 28 May 2010

Feelin' Friday (and the Sex and the City debate.)


Thanks for all your lovely birthday messages, dudes. Really sweet! I had several things that I meant to post today but my brain is candyfloss after a day of shopping and wine. Plus I got champagned at my first ever fashion show, the AIU graduate show, which I will hopefully write up today for Catwalk Genius, if I get my brain in gear.

I've got tickets to go and see the Sex and The City film this evening. Are you all going to see it? I love New York and I love fashion and grew up with the series throughout my twenties so I've got a certain fond attachment to it. It was always candid, clever and funny and I thought the girls were feminists, to some extent. But the reviews of this film suggest that they've relinquished all that and it's a howler. (This review in particular is hilarious.) I'm going to counter the obscene indulgence of going to see it by watching something really highbrow and intense over the weekend. Maybe a nice bit of Derek Jarman.

So yeah, I'm frankly claiming today as birthday, too, and going for a ginormous swim to swim off yesterday's excesses. Then a bit more shopping. Have a brilliant weekend, a long one if you're in the UK, wooooOOOOooooooot! (See. Brain. Candyfloss.) (And sorry for the second ME picture in a row. This is me blowing out my candles last night. The J stands for my middle name, Juliet.)

Psst: if you are in London on June 5th, there is a screening of Sex and The City 2 being shown at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead to raise funds for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Might be a good way to watch the film with conscience! Tickets £28.50, including bubbly, cake and amazing raffle prizes! Buy them here. GIRLS ONLY.


  1. I worry about myself sometimes. For some reason it never occurred to me from yesterday's post that it was your birthday. All I could think about was whether you were wearing 'those' sandals in that picture.

    Anyway. Happy birthday +1!

  2. LOL! Thank you! I didn't buy them, tried them on yesterday and they transformed my stumpy but just about acceptable legs into just stumpy. I think I was wearing them in the picture but in red! Thanks for your sound advice on the matter.

  3. When I saw the C & J candles and that big ring on your finger I thought for a moment ... well, never mind what I thought.

    I'm going to the cinema tomorrow. However the husband wasn't so keen on SATC so instead we are scraping the cultural barrel and going to see Ironman 2.

  4. Happy Extended Birthday:).!

  5. Someone just sent that review round at work - ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!

    I loved S&TC too but it is an old and tired horse that is being flogged to within an inch of it's life. I can't even watch it just for the fashion anymore. I even find that a bit ridiculous.

    At least I have Joan Holloway to fill the gaping fashion void in my life...

    Have a lovely weekend - I reckon you should extend that birthday out till Tuesday!


  6. it's a long weekend here, too!!! YAY! the hubby and i are officially getting started on decorating the nursery (good thing, too, since the twins could arrive as early as 6 weeks from now--YIKES!!!). glad you had a fab b-day!

  7. going to see it tonight!

    hope you enjoyed your birthday

  8. Oh how exciting! A belated happy birthday


  9. Well I saw it and enjoyed it. Didn't really watch it much when it was on telly so wasn't looking for the feminist bit. It's a laugh and Samantha is brilliant. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  10. Belated Happy Birthday! Thanks for the link to the Lindy West review, which was almost as funny as The Brick House's hairy chair post. I also enjoyed the review in The Times describing the movie as Menopause in the Desert.

    I'm still totes going to see it though.