Monday, 3 May 2010

Clogs, tulips, cheese, windmills.

Can you guess from the post title where I'm going this week? Indeed, I'm going to Holland, the land of cheese. We're going to Amsterdam until Thursday to check out a couple of gigs (Mayer Hawthorne and LCD Soundsystem, whose new album you can listen to here), ride bikes and chill out. We're staying at a concept hotel called citizenM, which should be interesting; they have mood pads in the rooms that you use to adjust the room's ambience to your mood. It has great reviews on TripAdvisor, so I'm happy.

I've not been before and was wary that the food in Amsterdam might be awful but, after doing a bit of research, I am really excited for my belly! Apparently there are big Asian and Surinamese communities who have created a kind of fusion cuisine. I'm obsessed with peanut sauce at the moment and it's apparently a big speciality over there. You can even get peanut sauce with your frites. And the sweet stuff sounds awesome too: apple pie with whipped cream, dutch pancakes and stroopwafels: thin wafers sandwiched together with hot syrup.

I'll report back! And please let me know if you have any Amsterdam recommendations, I've not had the chance to do much research! I'll check in whilst I'm away but as I'm obviously in a greedy mood (or maybe just hungry), I'm going to write a few advance posts for the week ahead about some of my favourite British foodie blogs. In case I don't get the chance to blog. So do check back. Back Friday. Have a good week! Tot!

[Image by Mogh.]


  1. Have fun! Amsterdam is great just to stroll around and appreciate the atmosphere, especially this time of year while the flowers are out.
    Food in Amsterdam has often disappointed me, however, Indonesian stuff (rijstafel), is excellent, and makes up for the endless bland pizza and steak places on offer.

  2. Bike rides and peanut sauce, that's a winning combination. Have fun!

  3. Cheers Alice! Yeah, rijstafel sounds great. I hope we find the good stuff - I don't speak ONE WORD of Dutch - hate that, I usually always learn at least a tiny bit but this trip has crept up on us!

  4. You are going to my old home town! I am slightly jealous but it might prompt me to visit soon again.

    The food in Amsterdam is great. You are right, peanut butter sauce on fritjes and everything else. lots of Malaysian and Surinamese food everywhere.

    Here are my few fav spots (moved out of there nearly 6 years ago so thinks may change):

    Bakkerwinkel for breakfast or lunch, they have several shops, good bread and delicious cakes.

    Taart van mijn Tante - great cakes and crazy eclectic interior in de Pijp, you have got to visit de Pijp, the best neighborhood.

    the best apple pie with whipped cream is definitely in Noordermarkt, just facing the square, don't remember the name as everyone knows it as the apple pie cafe

    D'Antica and Cinema Paradiso for super excellent Italian

    De Kas
    Bit out of town but one of the best restaurants by far! they have their own nursery so the menu changes.

    Cafe Amsterdam in Westergas Fabriek - the best of Dutch food, great fun

    Do check some of the eetcafes, they always serve good food, usually with chunky Flemish frites. Yum!

    Cafe de Jarin and Dulac are great too.

    And try to go to Foam (photographer's gallery) and the Van Gogh Museum, really worth a visit.

    I hope you have fantastic time! Cannot wait for your pictures. x

  5. OMG, thanks Sneaky! This is perfect, thanks so much. Will be heading straight to de Pijp, then! We don't even have a map this stage to mark things on, so annoying! Will sort it out at the airport. Thanks again! x

  6. Stroopwafels! Don't forget to let them melt a bit on top of your mug of tea or coffee.

    Amsterdam is lovely...make sure you get a touristy picture in a shoe. Oh! and double-look both ways when crossing the streets. Trams, bicycles, people, scooters, cars...there's a lot going on!!

  7. You'll have a fab time... I have been to Amsterdam but it was so long ago that I'm guessing all my recommendations will be out of date! The hotel sounds fab :)

  8. Hope you're having a great time in Amsterdam. Its fantastic and i bet you'll love it. i did a blog about CitizenM a while back - Huzz stayed there and raved about it. Enjoy.