Friday, 7 May 2010

Back and bonkers.

We got back from Amsterdam yesterday evening, shattered as usual after a few days in a different city. (We never like to waste any time so go out all day and then stay up all night, too. Makes for an interesting feeling of exhaustion when you get home.) Then, after going out to vote, I got caught up in the election hoo-ha and stayed up late. (What is going on? All I know is that I want Gordon Brown to remain as Head of Maths.) Anyway, after a quick lunch at Daylesford Organic today with the ever lovely Passementerie, including a small glass of prosecco, I'm knackered and feeling as bonkers as the lady in this picture's pink tights. (They like a bike over there, don't they?)

I'll write my Amsterdam report up over the weekend!  I hope you all had great weeks and I'm looking forward to catching up with what those of you who blog have been up to. Have a good weekend!


  1. Head of Maths is such a good way to describe him! Good to hear you had a good time - looking forward to hearing your tales (as this rate you'll beat me on posting my SF/Vegas ones!) ;)

  2. From what I recall you should add the adjunct "go out all day *once we get up*..."

  3. I really don't want sleazy Cameron to be at no 10.

    Looking forward to your Amsterdam post. x

  4. They flippin' love a bicycle in Amsterdam. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  5. Can't wait to hear more about Amsterdam ... I want to go there so much !!!

  6. Convo - get your pics up woman!!

    Tres droll, Liz. We definitely got up whilst it was still, er, morning.