Monday, 12 April 2010


The title of this post doesn't relate to the result of my 10k* but the fact that this is my final week at the desk job for the forseeable. It's been a very long three and a half months notice period and I'm so ready to start doing my own thing now. The title is also a bit of punnage on the fact that I'm writing this on the way back from Victoria, where I've just had a meeting. I'm obviously a very bad Londoner: I had no idea that Westminster Cathedral looked like this! I thought it was a mosque on first sight. I don't know Victoria at all as the area is a bit grim, so I avoid it.

Westminster Cathedral

There were stunning sounds of a choir coming from the Cathedral Choir School.

Choral School

And I liked these signs. This is in the entrance of Victoria Underground Station

Victoria Tube Station

This was on the side of a gorgeous mansion block down a side street next to the Choral School. I can just imagine some snooty headmasterly type putting it up.

*I didn't do the 10k. Unbelievable, but I developed a headache at 6:50pm on Saturday night (as I sat down to watch A Single Man at the cinema - beautiful film!) which stayed until yesterday evening. Totally bummed out, but there was no way I could run! Nevermind, I'll do a 10k in the next week or so and time myself. Not quite the same, but what can you do.


  1. wow, i had no idea it looked like that either! ´Bummer about the 10k.

  2. Thanks Heather. It majorly blew but there was just no way I could run.

  3. how exciting about leaving work, i'm jealous!

  4. Love the tempted to chalk something on the wall!!
    Bummer about the run...maybe the headache was nerves?

  5. I was born two minutes away from the Cathedral. Grandma used to walk past daily on her way to Green Park and the Nuns would often stop her and admire the babies. Mike and I walked round the area not long ago and it is actually very nice.

  6. So no shout out to the *POBF* who had to do the 10k on her own but still shaved more than 5 mins off her PB?? hmph

  7. finally! you must be euphoric - wishing you all the best for the months and years to come. and wanted to report that i too had a killer headache starting on 8:30pm Friday night which didn't clear up all weekend. weirdest thing.

  8. What a beauty!

    How exciting about work. You're so lucky, wish I could even consider that. Are you planning on going to a writers group or anything? My friend & I have decided to join a new one/perhaps even start our own, so let me know if you find something great.

  9. sorry about headache/ run. i love those signs at Victoria- they always make me smile- and the vintage one about children is so funny- perhaps they should bring those back

    leaving work- wow- are you freelancing? hope it all goes really well for you

  10. Can't believe you were right by my house! Next time (if I'm not stranded in the far east) come in for cuppa.