Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Still loving stripes.

...especially loving this stars and stripes effect cardigan from Motel, as seen on We Are Youneak.* This Whistles dress (bottom left) would be great for everyday (it has a big chunky zip up a low cut back) and the APC tee on the right is surely a classic to be worn for years. Apparently, Primark currently have a straight knock-off of the Acne stripe dress and check out these great stripey maxi dresses from Dorothy Perkins, in exchange for only a tiny amount of beans. (Thanks for the heads up, Violet Posy!) Stripe out!

Picture 7

*Possibly a new favourite blog alert. Although don't read if, like a friend of mine, you were supposed to be flying to LA for a roadtrip today but your flight got cancelled because of volcanic ash clouds. Erk. They have lots of gorgeous California pictures up at the moment.


  1. Nice. I'm a stripe-aholic, all this Breton in the shops is making me dizzy-headed.

    My friend's selling one of those Acne maxi dresses on ebay for a mere £5 too: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300419685491

    (the full-length, body-altering stripe is one I cannot do)

  2. I'm always buyng striped stuff. I just got a striped tee from Cos, and can't stop weasring it. That APC one is great. The marine look is timeless. Thx for keeping the trend alive! x LZ

  3. i dont own any stripes yet and judging by the view on saturday night at my birthday (where 3 of my best friends were sporting said trend) maybe i should wait until it dies down a bit!

    i am tempted by maxi-dresses for the first time ever this year - have 2 weddings and like the idea of a long frock - but they aren't easy for short curvy people

    need to do some trying on methinks

  4. Whats not to love about stripes !!!!

  5. Wonderful blog, love the pool photos. I studied in London for a year and rarely get back.
    Check out my illustration blog, I'm having a giveaway you might love.

  6. Sarah - I don't think the full-length stripe can be done by anyone except the tallest and skinniest people. I can't comment on your physique but I sure as hell can't do it! Shame tho - and £5? Bargainerooney. I loved that dress but did think, 'Knock-offs will be everywhere v soon!'

    Kezza - I have one long dress and I'm loving it. I need a major trying on session for some more, though.

    I was all like 'post about stripes - so played' before I posted this. But I am stripe obsessed! Stripes!

  7. I'm still a stripe addict and I know it's a while since you wrote this...still it's been a lovely blog discovery this morning!