Friday, 23 April 2010

Review: Kid Creole and The Coconuts.


I've written about Kid Creole and the Coconuts here before. They are a little obsession of mine. Well, August Darnell is. The Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band album is one of my top five favourite records. Seventies New York cabaret disco, it instantly conjures up hot New York sidewalks and bars with faded velvet banquettes whenever I hear it. If you watch just one thing on the internet today I plead with you, make it these sexy bellhops.

August Darnell is better known as Kid Creole, under which guise he created another genius mish mash of musical styles: calpyso, latin, reggae, disco... Heaven.

We saw him play last night in London. With his multiple dapper zoot suits (he looked A.W.E.S.O.M.E.), snootily sexy Coconuts and his original percussionist Bongo Eddie, he brought a pure party atmosphere to the Barbican, dedicating songs to his ex-wife, 'Gina Gina' (lyrics: 'He's just a ski instructor' - hilarious) and dedicated to himself, 'I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby'. Arrogant but hey, he's right.


They ripped the place up. The Coconuts perfectly synchronized dance routines were a joy to behold (how do they REMEMBER all those routines?) as were their outfits: tiny sailor suits, cave girl, fringed wedding cake topper and hula girl. Mr Creole was slick and joyous throughout, finishing up the night with a final jubilant congo of the auditorium with the Coconuts voguing off his back.

They're playing more dates this summer so if you fancy a bit of New York disco dress up I seriously advise you check them out. Zoot suit or cave girl outfit optional but maracas essential.


  1. I cannot believe they are still around! Looks like great fun.

  2. I saw them when they first came out and they were fantastic. August is so sharp. My best friend went last night and loved it. I love all the old 80's bands coming back. Well, the good ones anyway! xx

  3. What are the names of the original "Coconuts" and where are they today? They were amazing! :-)