Thursday, 8 April 2010

April in Paris. (That old cliché.)

I was just looking at some pictures of a recent trip to Paris. Such a cliché, but come springtime I always want to go to Paris. I'd like to live here, in the Marais.


And have a lunch of macarons and figs from Le Bon Marché everyday.

Figs and macaroons - a fine lunch!

With salad for dinner, obviously. How else to maintain a slim French figure? (This is my kind of salad.)

My kind of salad

We watched the sun go down over the Seine whilst these girls gossiped next to us. It felt like the scene from Sex And The City where Carrie is all sad because she wants to join in with the gossiping Parisiennes. I loved the green wedges and maxi-dress.


And then to my boudoir. Sigh.


More pictures of our Paris trip are ici, they also belong to a group for pictures of Paris that Nichole from Little Brown Pen set up.


  1. I wish I could go to Paris right now! That bedroom is insane! beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh beautiful pictures & beautiful memories... I feel the same. The last few years I've been terribly lucky with Paris. Last year we stayed in a hotel at the Louvre (don't ask, some people in my family are just way more successful than I am) and I went jogging in the Tuileries in the morning and the year before we visited American friends who had rented a beautiful flat in said Marais. They took us to all kind of insider restaurants and bars with their French friends... Now I nearly don't dare to go anymore.

  3. Oh, I cannot wait till my trip in June. Reminds me must book a hotel!

  4. Lovely lovely jealous-making pictures... I love the Marais .... now i want macarons and figs and the Seine on my doorstep and a green maxi dress and not to look like a dwarf were i to wear such a thing and... ooh, maybe I'll sign up for french classes.....

  5. LOVE these pictures! They make want to eurostar myself over htere right now!

  6. I love the Marais,It's my favorite area of Paris, I miss it so much...... I adore the first photograph, so beautiful !!!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'll be visiting Paris for the first time in September and I'm very excited. A life of macaroons and salad (and wine!) sounds divine.

  8. Got to love the French concept of salads laden down with melted brie, mayonnaise, fried potatoes and delicious olive oils.

    My favourite Parisian lunchtime spot is a tiny cafe in le 2eme (imaginatively called Le Cafe) where they server gloriously calorific salads. Goodness knows how those chic French ladies continue to fit into their skinny jeans and striped tops...