Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Catching bees and falling spiders.

Fitzroy Square

Back at my desk after Easter. It went so fast! We couldn't remember the last time we'd spent four whole days at home: if we hadn't got the cats we probably would have gone away somewhere. As it was, we had a really lovely relaxing weekend. James had a revelation moment as to what it's like not to think about work 24/7. We went to the sports shop and bought all kinds of crazy sporting gear to kit us out for our new healthy lives. London was lovely and bright and sunny. Up top is a picture of Fitzroy Square, where we somehow founds ourselves on Easter Sunday and which was so sunny and peaceful. And I love this old Boots sign I noticed for the first time in Camden.


Private Lives was hilarious. I love Noel Coward's snitty humour and 1930s turns of phrase. The set was deco and the costumes were all nipped waists and tea dresses by day and long languid sparkling dresses by night. As for Kim Cattrall - wow. She's an absolutely stunning woman. James treated us to front row seats, so I can confirm that from three feet away she is defying age. Her hands are less wrinkly than mine! In fact she looks better than I ever have. Bitch!


We didn't make it to the cinema or to any galleries. Lame. I remembered that I find Helena Bonham Carter a bit annoying so avoided Alice. I bought magazines and chilled with the kits instead, who almost seemed annoyed that we were at home getting in their way. Hoops was his usual lazy self. (That's him posing below.) Fred has graduated from catching worms to bringing in bees. She's going to learn that one the hard way: I took two off her this weekend. (More pics of the kits are here, if you are a crazy cat lady like me.)


How was your Easter weekend?

STOP PRESS: Just before I went to sleep after writing this post, a huge spider dropped onto my pillow! It was so big, it made a THUD! Worst spider experience ever. I'd just read the sentence in Vanity Fair's big article on Grace Kelly where she dies. What does that MEAN?! Hehe.


  1. Weekend sounds fab - I do love Fitzroy Square, I always hope to spot Ian McEwan (not that I've got a clue what he looks like, although I rather like to hope he just exudes an unmistakable literary prowess of some sort, probably whilst wearing tweed).

    And, you know, I'm quite envious of you living in the sort of flat spiders like to inhabit. I'm on the 8th floor of a new-ish building and have had 1 piddly little spider in 5 years, and I think he came in on my coat. One day I shall live in an old building with creaky floorboards, draughty windows, noisy radiators, dripping taps - and spiders! :)

  2. Am loving those kitties - can't wait to see them. Hoops looks like he's smiling in his photo and Fred is just a different cat from Xmas.

  3. Ahh, Hoops is such a babe. And yeah, Freddy has grown a lot! She's not so bad at being picked up now, she'll let you but doesn't enjoy it. I do it all the time anyway and tickle her. (But then she always hangs around as if she wants more so I think she likes it really.)

    She's crazy with her bee catching though. TWO over the weekend and there are some really fat ones out there! It's a shame, poor bees.

  4. Oh and Jane - I've never spent that much time around Fitzrovia, which I will be rectifying this summer. The square was SO lovely. I had extreme flat jealousy for a while there myself. (My flat is lovely in some ways but not so much in others, so please don't be too envious! And now I'm too scared to keep the bedroom window open. EEK! It was a BIG spider!)

  5. Oh, your cat looks very similar to one of ours (big tabby, kindest of heart). They'll probably let out a huge sigh of relief that the 'big cats' have left the house to them again today... We were soooooo lazy too, and it could have gone on a bit longer, if you ask me.

  6. I was writing my dissertation this weekend! :( It's ok, it's over now!

    I would be terrified if I were you!!! I hate even little ickle spiders.

    I'm glad to hear about Private Lives, I am dying to go. And I wouldn't recommend Alice in Wonderland...I really didn't like it that much (so much I fell asleep cos I was so bored!)


  7. That spider thing made my hands sweat instantly. Blech.

  8. Terrible spider moment! That could have been your head! Wah!

  9. Sounds like you had a good Easter! Lovely photo's also.. ar "argh!!!" to that Spider :)

  10. Oh my god! You KNOW what that means.

    Shit, if a spider falls on your pillow whilst reading about a death of a actress / princess.

    Well it is obvious.

    You clearly don't dust enough.

  11. Ah, a lovely weekend by the sounds of it. I ate much too much food and signally failed to do a great deal of exam revision, but I DID finish Ulysses, after starting it, er, six months ago?!