Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Paper Dress Vintage.

Here is another of my favourite London vintage shopping spots. Paper Dress Vintage is on Curtain Road in Shoreditch, East London. The stock is good quality vintage: I never leave without finding a few things I really want.

shop front

The shop is friendly and welcoming. They even added a coffee bar recently, making them the second shop in the area to add a coffee machine. Am I spying a coffee and shopping trend? If so, it's one I like. They also serve delicious looking cakes. The lounging area is really cosy, with free wifi.

shop interior

But back to the vintage. I never fail to find at least one dress I want, here. This Norman Linton dress was calling my name, today. I considered planning a Mad Men party to justify buying it. At £62, it was out of my budget. The pricing is keen but fair at Paper Dress. You don't really find bargains here. This dress was totally worth the price as it had great details, was very well made and in perfect condition. And was such a gorgeous colour.

dress front

The costume jewellery, bags and accessories are also top quality. I really liked this coral necklace. I'm loving shorter, chunkier necklaces at the moment and this was doing a good red/blue thing against my denim shirt.

coral necklace

This cotton smock dress was also fab. Floor length, with a beautiful muted colour print, it would've looked great chopped down to just above knee. Oh, fitting and alterations are offered instore. Which is handy when you're a mini teapot, like me!


STOP PRESS: There is a party in the shop next Wednesday, 31st March, from 6 - 9pm, if you fancy drinks, nibbles and pretty dresses!


  1. Ooh I love the shop/coffee lounge concept, but sounds like it's out of my budget too. Such a shame.


  2. The dress looks great -so Joan don't you think? That smock would have been mine before you could even offer me a coffee!

  3. Oh my. I want want WANT the last one!!!

  4. Love the combination of shopping and coffee/cake and this shop/café looks very inviting!

  5. So funny, hubby dragged me to this shop last Sunday to show me the cafe and fab clothing. Absolutely love it, and the dress you tried really suits you!

  6. oh!!! that smock dress!!! do you think it would accommodate my expanding belly???

  7. Beautiful blog...I just found you!! xoxo

  8. ooh! I'll have to remember this for when I come to London the next time!! Thanks, this was a great post! I'm already in love with the store before even setting foot in it :-)

  9. thanks for letting me peek into such a cool store. i'm actually heading to london next week on the 3rd, hoping to do a little bit of vintage hunting myself. this is definitely out of the price range though. know of any good charity shops?

  10. A MadMen party - what a fabulous idea! I'm currently on a personal mission to buy dresses inspired by Joan and the girls...

    Fantastic find - yet another to add to my list of shops to visit, so thanks for that!

    Dress looks fantastic btw.

  11. Thanks ladies!

    Yes Victoria - I felt extremely Joan in that dress. I would totally have been doing big red lips with it if I'd bought it! And a wiggle!

    The smock was lovely. I hope it finds a good home. You'd have to be an absolute stick to wear it full length but short and swingy would've been lovely. Gorgeous colours.

    Thank you Melissa!

    Mel - I know a zillion good charity shops. Let me get my thinking hat on.