Monday, 8 March 2010

Oscars, the aftermath.

It was a vintage year for the Oscars. The Hurt Locker (statuesque, fabulous Kathryn Bigelow!) wiped the board, Meryl was gracious and fantastic, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were hilarious, Sandra Bullock sort of deserved to win (she was good in that role), Jeff Bridges finally got his Oscar. (So Dude-like! Even in real life!)

The frocks were not a disappointment. I loved the nude tulles and chiffons, Maggie Gyllenhal and Rachel McAdams did the best colour, but the best look for me had to go to Sandy Powell (winner of Best Costume Design for Young Victoria, pictured top) for chanelling Sally Bowles, even down to her green nail polish. Divine decadence, darling! (Even though her speech hit the wrong chord. 'I've already won two of these!')

I loved her armful of bangles. Sarah Jessica Parker had a similar armful, as well as a Chanel tattoo bracelet. I stayed up until 5am so am feeling a bit delicate now but I think I will bangle up in weak homage...

[Pictures: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill / alt film guide]


  1. Thanks for being so tough staying up all night to give us a first Oscar snoop... I'm hoping to see some more pictures on the TV tonight.

  2. Ergh, can't believe Sandra won. Although she did look very statuesque. And I haven't actually seen The Blind Side, so maybe I can't really comment. Hmm.

    Poppy xox

  3. I loved Sarah Jessica Parker's Chanel dress. she looked great! I wanted Morgan Freeman to get the Oscar for his role as Nelson Mandela in Invictus...