Friday, 19 March 2010

Lovely London.


This is the view of the London skyline from the top of the Whittington hospital in Highgate, taken earlier this week. I can see St Paul's but I can't see the London Eye. Can you make it out? I'm extra-loving London at the moment. Possibly because the sun is coming out. And Wee Birdy's lovely (and sad!) goodbye list when she left to move back to Australia made me realise what I love (and hate!) about the place. See the full list here.

Goodbye riding in the front seat up the top of a double-decker bus
Goodbye 2am bagels on Brick Lane
Goodbye foxes crying like tortured banshees in the middle of the night
Goodbye eternal queues at Monmouth coffee
Goodbye Central Line, you served me well (most of the time)
Goodbye wild buttercups growing outside Greenwich park
Goodbye incredible museums and art galleries
Goodbye lazy Saturday mornings trawling the stalls at Broadway Market
Goodbye 'three for a fiver' bunches of flowers at Columbia Road
Goodbye dusty old bookshops (and rather odd owners) on Charing Cross Road
Goodbye glorious Knickerbocker Glory at Fortnum & Mason
Goodbye limescale sludge in my tea
Goodbye walking up Piccadilly in the rain
Goodbye having ice-creams in Hyde Park on green and white striped deckchairs
Goodbye getting lost again in Soho
Goodbye ring-necked parakeets in Greenwich park
Goodbye some of the shittiest customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life
Goodbye installations in the Turbine Hall
Goodbye crazy tile mosaics at Tottenham Court Road tube
Goodbye Selfridges’ Christmas windows
Goodbye people who don’t move down into the carriage
Goodbye geese and squirrels in St James’s Park
Goodbye London sales
Goodbye coots on Regent’s Canal
Goodbye cheese, coffee and cake at Borough Market


  1. That's a wonderful list. I always get lost in Soho and try my best to get that seat on the bus.

  2. I always get lost in Soho, too! I'm sure they move the streets around. I keep meaning to sit and memorise the Soho street names and layout. (Erm, but obviously I'm never quite that bored.)

  3. That is a great list. Unfortunately being dependent on the Northern Line made most of that too much hassle to get to.

    I am beginning to miss London rather more lately though. There seems less opportunity up here.

  4. I know, GSE. I'm a Northern Liner too. I felt slightly ashamed at all the things that I never bother doing when I read that list!

    The sun does make London seem wonderful, though. I was walking through Dalston yesterday thinking, 'Ooh! It's lovely 'round here.' That is definitely the sun talking. :)

  5. I can't see the London Eye either, but a great skyline shot. What an excellent list of goodbyes. Maybe Wee Birdy will post a list of Hellos on her arrival in in Oz?

  6. Absolutely, Victoria. I'm really fancying a bit of the Oz lifestyle at the moment. I want PROPER heat and big houses that open out onto the outdoors!

  7. Beautiful. That photograph made me smell "City", if that makes sense. :)

  8. Great post and great picture! you don't know what you've got till it's all that jazz...
    Thanks for the comments on my blog (and the teapot post mention)...i'm an big fan of yours

  9. After all these years I still can't enter London without a map (and still get lost!), but my good-bye list would by long and sad.

  10. The limescale sludge! I'm so glad that's not just me. What a talent for enjoying a city though, I really feel I must try and do more of these things on the list.
    And I'm planning to! It conjures up a wonderful image of London. But lets face, Sydney is fabulous and I am envious!

  11. London was so lovely the last few days when it was sunny! I love the list your friend's made, including the smells of Borough Market of course! Also the Flour Power company and their amazing brownies, yum!

    I wouldn't miss some of the bus routes in London though, especially through Waterloo!


  12. Thanks so much Lisa! I really am loving your pics at the moment. And you've inspired me to write the tale of my Miami house swap. :)

  13. I'm going to London in June for the 1st time and I can't wait!

  14. It's the coots for me too...they are nesting by our boat - lovely little horrors!

    Hope you are well...glad you liked upturned nose on bumpski! xxx

  15. its the best city in the world =)

  16. Lovely picture of London - can't wait until May. Also a lovely new picture of Caroline,No. X

  17. this is lovely! I haven't traveled to London in several years, but it's on the agenda :)

  18. I know that view from the Whittington Hospital all too well for many reasons...

    That's a great list - London is a wonderful place, especially when the sun starts shining... whenever that will be, ha!