Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday funtimes.

Dunno about you, but I've had a dull week. So let's have some Friday funtimes, right here on Caroline, No!

First of all, here's a video that Jordan Ferney made to celebrate her husband leaving his day job to become a full time painter. She borrowed a bear suit, hired a breakdancer and sent him into her husband's office with balloons and a boombox. Quite simply one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the internets. (Inspired by a post on A Cup of Jo yesterday.)

You want your own bear suit? How about a Care Bear suit? Believe!

Next up! Check out party cat. 'If I party with you will you leave me alone?' 'Let's party and find out!' I've read it about four times this week. (Yes. Sad. Found via the ever inspirational Conversation Pieces.)

Finally, remember Katie Puckrik? Brits will remember her as presenter of The Word, fantastic Friday night TV music show. She's still gorgeous and kitsch and is now a fragrance expert. She has produced a film about her fragrance collection and it's mega! She's got a fragrance by Andy Warhol in a silver star shaped bottle, and Michael Jackson's favourite fragrance. Check it out here.

Have a fab weekend folks! I'm going dancing tonight at Gilles Peterson's belated Christmas party at Plastic People (which is still just about open!) then dinner on Saturday with friends who are bad-ass cooks and wine ponces. Win! What are your plans?


  1. I am doing a lot of nothing since my portrait season is about to kick into high gear next weekend.

  2. You forgot "sparkling company" on your list....
    We are making a special trip to Berry Bros outlet in BASINGSTOKE for wine hunting tomorrow, so look forward to some good stuff xx

  3. I shall clearly be spending all of tomorrow cooking to live up to my bad-ass reputation, whilst the wine ponce will be hitching a lift to Basingstoke.

  4. I wish someone would hire a breakdancer to break up the monotony of my day job ;)

  5. I love that bear.... just watched him twice. And I love it even more when someone quits a boring full time job to become a full time artist. Bravo! :)