Thursday, 18 March 2010

Big Star.

I was sad to wake up to the news that Alex Chilton has passed away. One of the great American bands who never quite broke through to the big time, Big Star's laid-back but strangely dark country pop gave us bands such as Pavement and Teenage Fanclub. (Reading a Teenage Fanclub interview as a teenager was how I discovered Big Star!)

I saw him play in London ten years ago and it was electric. This was always my favourite of their songs. Kind've shambolic, but yearning. He's playing with a couple of members of The Posies and Big Star's Jody Stevens on drums.


  1. oh's so hard to have members of your fave bands it from drugs OR old age. the hubby is a HUGE bruce springsteen and the e street band fan, and they lost one of their members to cancer two years ago. it was so sad. i feel so lucky that we've gotten to see them so many times since they got back together in the late '90s and even made it to their tour-ending show last fall. they are all in their 60s, so who knows if they'll ever tour again or, if they do, if they will have lost anyone else.

  2. aaah this post made me smile and sad at the same time :) cutest.
    great blog!
    stop by some time xx