Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Unexpected Vampire Weekend rock-out.

My beloved and treasured other half, James, got unexpected last minute tickets to see Vampire Weekend tonight, at a small local venue. (The Relentless Garage.) And they rocked!

They've played a couple of small shows already in London this year and have a big gig later this month, so it was a bit of an unexpected, low key event. I wondered if their band dynamic is off or something; Ezra (lead vocals and guitar, doleful eyes) made a comment about the tour having been 'like the plague diaries so far' and Rostam (far left on the picture) seemed to be so bored he was almost passing out.  It was a strange industry / competition winners kind of gig and seemed a bit flat at first but by the last song, Walcott, the place was jumping.


  1. I bought the album cd last summer in the US and really enjoyed it whilst driving around Florida. Haven't listened for a while, so you've reminded me again. Thanks.

  2. Lucky lady! The new album is so great. I was worried about topping their debut, but they've kept up the momentum--a pleasant surprise!

  3. I've still yet to listen to their album! I've been so busy.

    I saw Vampire Weekend at T in the Park in 2008, they were AMAZING live. I had loads of fun jumping around in the mosh pit. Although my friend did get robbed. :S


  4. happy to help. when do i get to see them?