Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I bowled into my local tiny Italian coffee and sandwich shop yesterday (the awesome Ruby's) looking all scruffy and rained on, and asked a scruffy looking geezer in a beanie hat whether he'd been served. Then I realised it was Rupert Friend and that Keira Knightley was standing next to him. He kind've squeaked, 'Yes' and so I had to push past them both to order my lunch. (Broad bean soup. It was lovely. Although it was kind of embarrassing hanging around waiting for my order with Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend and pretending not to recognise them.)

I've got a bit of a crush on Rupert Friend, y'see, ever since seeing The Young Victoria. Have you seen it? It has been nominated for three Oscars this year (Costume Design, Art Direction and Makeup). I saw it on a plane and liked it so much I immediately bought it and sent it to my Mum. I don't normally like period dramas but Emily Blunt was so luminous as Victoria and Mr Friend actually quite hot as Prince Albert: I rewound the scene where he marches into the palace with his hounds to save her from her evil courtiers about three times.

(Did I just admit that in public? I was on a plane. I was bored, OK?)


  1. I totally loved that film! SO lucky to have bumped into them..they're a cool celeb spotting to add to your list:) x LZ

  2. I can't believe you bumped into them!! The only celebrity I've seen around is Gary from Eastenders, and that was whilst I was on a bus! My jaw would've dropped (especially since I am a period drama sort of girl!).


  3. Well go and get "Cheri" right now. What a lovely boy he is.

  4. thanks for the mini review! I will pop it on the LoveFilm list now!

  5. Oo you lucky thing bumping into him! Haaven't got round to seeing that film yet - I'll put it on my list :)

  6. Funny story! you shouldve taken a photo with keira and rupert! havent seen the movie, but now that you've mentioned, i might just go see it.

    oh, and i love your blog dear. will follow!


  7. Scruffy looking geezer? Giggle. To be fair, those two do always seem to be dressed like hobos whenever they get papped.

    Good to hear the experience didn't spoil your soup :-)

    P.S. We don't get celebrities in Manchester. Unless you count Wayne Rooney. Yeah, me neither.

  8. Thanks Andy! Was feeling WELL too embarrassed to ask for a photograph!

    I once saw the entire Man Utd squad in a bar in Manchester once, Alice. The entire lot walked in one by one, Beckham, Giggs, the lot. I'm sure I once saw Mick Hucknall, too. Not so good.