Sunday, 28 February 2010

Save Plastic People, London's best underground club.

As you may notice up there in my profile, I used to be a bit of a party girl. And my church was a London club called Plastic People. I'd define it as an underground club: there is only a doorway with a broken sign, it's hard to find, the owners don't seem to feel the need to promote the place. Because it's a club that's all about good music for people who love music, not about playing to the lowest common denominator to getting passing trade through the door.

As such, it has a very peaceable, relaxed atmosphere. You don't get dressed up in your best heels to go there, because it's too dark to pose. It really is all about the music. The kind of club where at midnight on New Year's Eve you'll hear Let's Stay Together by Al Green. And have a few other spiritual moments where you'll put your hands in the air and clink (plastic) glasses with everyone around you. It's definitely NOT the kind of club where you get people whispering in your ear, 'Want any drugs?' It just doesn't attract that kind of element.

Which makes it puzzling and bizarre that the authorities are trying to close the club down on the grounds of preventing public nuisance, crime and disorder.

This is a club that is all about music. The most innovative music in the world is championed here. There are nights such as CDR where everybody is invited to create their own music to bring in to play. Nights such as Co-Op fostered the best of London's own new music. But global innovators also play at Plastic People. If this venue is lost, an invaluable part of London's musical culture and heritage is lost.

Please help prevent this potentially devastating loss by signing the petition to Hackney Council. Join the Facebook page here. It's even reached the LA Times - read this interview with Four Tet discussing the importance of Plastic People. If Plastic People is lost, London's most valuable music space is lost. Let's not let that happen.

[Photos borrowed from Zi Wang and Vent Fury with thanks.]


  1. Good work cazza!

    Love the broken sign pic too

    'i used to be a bit of a party girl' also made me laugh


  2. Melbourne recently had a huge protest to try and save a couple of live venues in the city - and it worked, I think they got the legislation overturned.

    There is a newspaper article

    Poppy xox

  3. totally agree. the broken sign pic is genius.