Saturday, 6 February 2010


Sorry, it's so tedious to continually link to the content of other blogs, but I just had to post this picture by The Sartorialist. Dude is delivering like the mailman at the moment.

Don't these women look radiant? Second from left, Garance Doré (I'm going to have to start referring to her as Garance Boré the amount I waffle on about her); second from right, Anna Dello Russo fashion director at Vogue Nippon; and Anna's assistants, Aurora and Viviana.

Mini grey quilted Chanel + blood red Sofia Coppola by Vuitton + gold studded black clutch (I think Marc Jacobs) = WANT. Plus I really need to get on with choosing my over-the-knee boots, because if these fashion goddesses are wearing them now, they will be EVERYWHERE by next winter. Along with leopard print. Love.


  1. leopard print coat and over the knee boots?

    alas i fear i'd be more bet lynch than garance dore.


  2. I thought over the knee boots were everywhere this winter. By next winter they'll probably be horribly passe.

  3. I know I feel the same. They look fab. There have been some great photos of these ladies on The Sartorialst recently - always looking amazing and like they are having the best time ever.