Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Italians do it better. (Coffee, I mean.)

I am a big coffee drinker. I go to sleep at night looking forward to the coffee I'm going to have in the morning. So I was particularly up for getting involved with some proper Italian coffee on our trip to Rome.

After a night of trying different wines by the glass at Il Goccetto, we decided we wanted to go somewhere for dessert and coffee. And happened to stumble across Sant'Eustachio Il Caffè.

Still busy at nearly midnight, it seemed like a safe bet. You place your order and pay a bow-tied cashier then go to the bar with your receipt, where it is snaffled by a bow-tied barrista, saucers placed on the counter, a quick check whether we want sugar and moments later perfect cups of coffee placed onto the saucers.

The yellow sign on the side of the machine above says, 'Let us know in advance if you don't want sugar.' They automatically add sugar to the coffee, which I was surprised by as coffee snobs generally shun sugar. I don't take sugar but don't mind it, especially after trying delicious super sweet Cuban coffee, which is a tiny thimble of rocketfuel, with added sugar.

It was so good we had to go back before we left for another hit and to buy their signature yellow moka pots to take home. Here is our triptych of coffee drinking portraits. (Top is me, middle is Janine, bottom is Rushell.)


  1. haha - I'm going to frame our portraits - they make me laugh everyt ime I see them!


    I also look forward to my morning coffee when I lay (lie?) down at night.

  3. You all have a slightly crazed look in your eyes. Possibly too much coffee?

  4. I love they way Italians go for coffee and dessert somewhere different from dinner or just popping out for it. Lovely lovely.
    And I love the way you pay someone and take your receipt to the barista for upir coffee. Then stand around drinking, chatting and people watching. These Italians have got it all worked out. What the hell am I doing in Eindhoven!! ???

  5. What cute pics! Sounds like a lovely girls weekend away. I wish Australia wasn't so isolated and we could go on trips to Italy for the weekend!

  6. I'm a coffee lover myself and the first thing I do when I wake up is prepare my coffee. What a nice place you found here in Italy. What a fun idea to take pics of drinking coffee.