Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Funk you, February! (A good month for self-help.)

February is absolutely kicking my butt. A combination of dark, depressing weather (it bloody snowed again today!), everyone having colds, plus working out my notice period (37 working days left!) is making it very hard for me to get up in the morning.

So it's timely that I appear to be reading my first ever self-help book. If You Have to Cry Go Outside is written by Kelly Cutrone, fashion publicist power bitch. Her PR company People's Revolution runs fashion shows, which she oversees in a very-cool-but-with-a-heart power bitch kind of way.

It's actually really refreshing to read a completely kick-arse woman's journey, especially relating to such a fickle field as fashion. I've not finished it yet – she's just given birth as a single mum and appears to be rocking at it, having the cash and wherewithal to hire help instead of worrying about having a man around – but it's seriously brightening up my day. Here she is, on 'urban single power-girl pregnancy.'

'I could not wear maternity clothes. Ugh, yuck, no way, no thanks, never! Pea in the Pod made me want to kill myself. What were these fabrics? Floral prints? I was sure I'd rather clean toilets than be seen in them.'

Right, who else's inspiring story can I read until this dreary month passes?

[Kelly Cutrone pictured above left, in House of Holland FFS shirt.]


  1. Ooh - I'll have to pick that up! I admit to still wearing my maternity yoga pants (like um... right now) but you really can't blame me for that.

  2. Oh Caroline, February sucks, doesn't it? The book sounds interesting (and might take me out of my whining mood) - being a single mum definitely brought out my fighting spirit.

  3. Know exactly what you mean. University's decided this would be the perfect month to give essays, considering it's such rubbish weather!

    I've heard of Kelly Cutrone, she sounds like my sort of woman!


  4. February is a rubbish month and i agree wholeheartedly about pregnancy clothes - if I've never even contemplated floral before why on earth would i suddenly want to now just because i'm pregnant? Grrr. and don't get me started on dungarees.

  5. D.V. by Diana Vreeland always makes me smile.

    Next week we will be in March and this is when we officially can start thinking about spring and longer days. Hurry up March!

  6. february is depressing here in NYC, too. I'm going on a road trip to follow the sun.