Monday, 1 February 2010

Effortlessly cool.

I've posted before about my girl crush on Garance Doré. This shot of her for Interview magazine by David Burton really isn't helping. I mean, how many other pictures of bloggers do you see in a plain white shirt, knickers and killer heels? Looking COMPLETELY stunning?

And of course the heels are just the right new shape, colour and heel height, that we will all want to be wearing, from tomorrow. If not sooner.

She just takes the cake.

I'm loving all the drama surrounding fashion bloggers and their place on the front row of the shows. As far as I'm concerned, what Garance says is worth more than the stamp of a hundred tired old fashion editors. I just love that they're so scared of the democratisation of fashion and their tight-knit little club!

Here's to Garance, her knickers, and the other fashion bloggers who're rocking the boat. (Some of my favourites are on my blog roll, but I seriously need to update it!)

[Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Rome post! I will be flooding my blog with pictures and stories forthwith, worry ye not! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend?]

Photo by Garance Doré


  1. I saw that Garance post, she looks amazing!

    And it's a bit unfair that the most part of the backlash is aimed at a 13year old girl! Dont know how she handles it.


  2. Wow. She looks a lot like Andie McDowell except she's prettier and I bet not as annoying.

  3. Great post. I'm fascinated by the way corporations/industries are failing to adapt to new technologies and cultures.

    Seriously, how long before the TV networks wise up, stop cancelling perfectly good shows (Dollhouse, Lipstick Jungle) due to dwindling ratings (when the truth is that their target audience may not be watching live, but they're certainly watching online), and start adapting their advertising strategies?

    And the hilarious war between the traditional print fashion mags and the new bloggers just gets better and better. Sure, you can see that Anna Wintour won't appreciate having her fashion guru power staus usurped by a 13 year old - but c'mon people, the times they are a changing! Evolution or extinction!

    What I find frustrating is that bloggers are tightly controlled by regulations dictating that they must fess up when they have been paid (or been given a freebie) to blog about something - but the same regulations do not apply to print mags. Seriously, have you read Vogue recently? It reads as if it's 90% advertorial.

    And what I find particularly interesting about Robert from GQ's comment in the Independent is less the gigglesome sour grapes, and more the fact that he's at least partly right - how long can the bloggers remain impartial if they want to be invited to the shows? To be given the freebies? If they're critical, they sure as heck won't be invited back. Will the bloggers start selling out?

  4. Thanks Alice - that's the post I should've written!

    Absolutely, what a load of absolute TOSH to think that magazines aren't in the pockets of their advertisers. Did you see The September Issue? Anna Wintour was practically sitting in the lap of one of her advertisers at lunch. US Vogue is ridiculous - a doorstop of adverts with some (admittedly fantastic) editorial and layouts in between.

    There is rumoured to have been a shoot of key bloggers for US Vogue recently, though. Could be a Wintour hat tip to the medium...

    I work for a comms agency and the amount of people* who dismiss twitter and blogging as narcissistic twaddle is incredible. Get with it. Or don't, but shut up. The importance and power of so-called social media is only going to grow.

    The PR/blogging relationship is a bizarre one, you're right. How is our comment any different from print media? Where the journos are sent the same PR releases and goodies? I think change will come soon...

    *Usually balding old men.

  5. I discovered your blog via What Kaite Wore and am really enjoying it!