Friday, 19 February 2010

Duvet day. (And in favour of the 21hr working week.)

I took a duvet day today. I have a cold and was already feeling the effects of a long week so didn't fancy ten hours out of the house, an hour spent cycling to and from work, then chores still to do when I got home.

Despite my foggy shuffling around, I have achieved SO much today. The flat is sparkling, I've been in constant contact with a client and a designer regarding a project, I've picked up a prescription and done laundry. During my normal working week of being away from the home from 9am to 6pm some of these small chores seem completely inachievable. When will I get a chance to go to a chemist? The cats are out of food, but the pet shop is only open whilst I'm at work?

The recent report suggesting that a 21 hour working week would be a beneficial to a lot of people makes real sense to me. So many of us overwork, then over consume because we're time poor. Distributing the working hours means that more people get a chance to work and we all have increased spare time to try to live in a more balanced and sustainable way.

In the meantime, roll on April 16th. My last day at my office job! Have a great weekend, dudes. (The quilt in the picture was handmade by Made By White's mother and sister. I can't tell you how much I want one!)


  1. I concur. Bring on the 21 hour week.

    I bet my productivity would increase.

  2. I'm in favour of it. I've seen alot of people start to work part-time or from home, and just decide to have less. Therefore freeing up time to do things they love, and it really does produce happier beings. Enjoyed your post!

  3. Just found your blog - so great! Love the vintage dresses and Chinese lanterns. I have a very similar photo of Chinatown from a couple years ago. Enjoy your day. I used to hide out in my closet for such days when I was a youngster. My mother only laughed! (And she was a teacher!)

  4. Maybe it sounds terribly spoilt and lazy of me, but I don't know how couples who both work 40 hours a week ever get anything done. Simple things as you describe as well as simply being there to accept a package from the postman or having the washing machine repaired. Or blogging. *ahem*

    I had many jobs in the past and very, very few of them took more than 4 hours of efficient work per day. Being paid by the hour or 40-hour week just means that you spread the same work out.

  5. Great kilt! I really agree with you on the question of work-live balance (though I'm baffled how much you achieved lying in bed...), I recently started working home 2 days a week and this alone makes such a difference. I start working earlier (no extra time driving to work), rather take a longer break and don't mind doing a bit after 6 either, just because I don't feel so caged in. Hope you had a good weekend and are feeling better. x

  6. I love that - a duvet day! great line.