Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Diana Vreeland and the Mitford sisters: It girls gone by.

I remembered I have a copy of DV by Diana Vreeland on my shelf, bought for me by my mother for Christmas years ago and still unread, thanks to Sneaky Magpie who commented on my post yesterday. Along with a copy of The Mitford Girls, a biography of the Mitford sisters also bought for me by my mother and unread, I think I have my reading for the rest of February sorted out. Eccentric New York magazine editor and aristocratic sisters of dubious politics? Check. Don't these two look so stylish and slightly batty in this picture?

Right, just nipping to the shop for some amaretto to put in my hot chocolate and then another February day has been successfully warded off.


  1. Don't they just! oh to be a fly in the wall in that office!

  2. Two more books - Why Don't You? From DV's Harpers Bazaar column and Letters Between Six Sisters - a brilliant collection of Mitford letters from a couple of years ago.

    Then you can go off and watch Love in a Cold Climate (on youtube, last time I looked).

  3. I'm just about to start reading the pursuit of love blog post choiceroonie xxxx

  4. Thanks Sarah - they sound great. And I haven't read the Pursuit of Love either. Whoops! Thanks GRW. xxx