Thursday, 11 February 2010

Denim on denim.

I was planning to do a post about denim on denim today because a) it's totally fash at the moment and b) I love it. Researching online I came upon Mademoiselle Robot's lovely blog and thought OH WELL. She's got it covered, never mind, I'll give up.

But in the jazz tradition of call and response, I thought I'd do a response post. Not that I'm trying to start some kind of blog beef or anything but we tweeted about it and I thought it would be funny. Anyway, I tried to take the photos this morning in my garden and here is the pitiful result. (Everything has gone wrong today and frankly I want to sit under my desk and weep. And go on a diet. And sleep for 48 hours. And kill several coworkers.) Just go and read Mademoiselle R's post, and leave me here feeling sorry for myself, OK?

(I personally love the look of denim on denim because it's so intrinsically American. And because the denim suit has been forbidden for so long, it seems totally fresh. Anyway. Blah.)

(I also look totally hipsters have to pee in these pictures, too. Hmf.)


  1. Hurray for Americana! I like how you are wearing what looks like a little lace camisole underneath as when I put on my Canadian Tuxedo the other day I was totally thinking "hmm I should really wear some sort of lacy thing underneath". Telepathy.

  2. Thank you MR! I guess something lacy breaks up the full on denim riot. xxx

    I should add:

    Denim shirt was from a chazza, jeans are from Lee (Norma cut)and the camisole is from Noa Noa.

  3. I'm not a big fan of denim on denim, but love denim anyhow. I have a wonderful Levis jacket that's so threadbare (people pay 100s for them shredded like this) from years of wear. Can't throw it out though as it has so many memories and still looks great on.
    Looks like you had a sunny morning today in your garden.

  4. I could not have lived another moment of my life without knowing about Hipsters Have to Pee.

    I owe you.

  5. Denim on denim is great. You're doing the plait as well!


  6. Hipsters Have to Pee!!!!
    How did I manage to survive not knowing about this. Soooooo funny.

  7. Looks good! Nice side plait too :)

  8. I've been rocking the Double D for some time now. It's the ideal workwear for you average wire animal sculptor, I tell you. In fact I've even done the Triple Denim on occasion.

    On a different denim tip, how do we feel about ironing a crease into jeans, is that so wrong?? (obviously it's wrong - but it might be so wrong it's right, possibly.) Seriously, people, I think it's just around the corner.

  9. I think you're onto something there Mr Sykes. Also interesting about the triple denim; you're taking the look and running with it. I respect that.

  10. Oh, and just for the record, I also predict that Flat-top hair cuts will be coming back. I'm not saying it's a good or a bad thing, I just think it's going to happen.