Friday, 5 February 2010

Boutique experience, bargain bounty.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of TK Maxx's work. So I was thrilled to get an invitation to preview their Putney store, which they've reworked to have a more boutique-y feel, with little touches like chandeliers and huge red leather banquettes to perch on whilst trying on shoes.

The place was STUFFED full of bargains: I spied Luella bags, seriously covetable macs in all colours – wardrobe essential for the next couple of months – Burts Bees and TIGI products and my favourite, these awesome Converse with tiny gold anchors, above, totally in tune with the nautical look that's everywhere for Spring.

Really interesting was a chat with their Women's Outerwear buyer, Shelly Fellows, who explained how they source their stock, working discreetly with big name designers. (Oh, and she appears to have the world's best ever job. Goes into the office on Monday, then decides where to go IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD for the rest of the week, to source stock. Jealous!)

The Putney store is reopening on Saturday with manicures and makeovers, champagne and nibbles, so get down there and snaffle up the bargains! (I might actually need to go and get the Converse. They'd look so great with a little dress and a denim shirt unbuttoned over the top... Why didn't I pick them up? Wah.)


  1. Those are fantastic - I need to have more patience with TKMaxx

  2. Oooo lucky you. I love my Converse and those ones look great. Please don't tease me with anymore bargains!

  3. Love the Converse, how sweet are they?! I'm rocking my baby pink ones today, love 'em.

    Great blog by the way, I've just started mine, stop by if you can, would love to know what you think. take it easy Xx

  4. thank you for telling me you can shop TKMaxx online. You have officially just destroyed my no-buy resolution.

  5. You lucky girl, having a first snoop at the new TK Maxx. Loving the Converses, too. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  6. *heart* them!

    i am going to shop myself into a frenzy when i get home....

    did you get an invite via your blog cazza? if so well done - it's only a matter of time before you're pissing off fashion editors with your view-blocking massive hats on the front row of LFW ;)

  7. Thanks Stacey! I'll definitiely pop by.

    GSE: I know. I went into an ordering frenzy when I realised! Great service too, next day TISSUE WRAPPED delivery! Love it!

    KJP: Yeah, I feel a shopping frenzy coming up in my future, too! And yes, their agency contacted me. Probably sensing they'd get a positive review, due to my TK MAXX love. There was a blogger there with an enormous bow, I was quite jealous. xx