Monday, 15 February 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

Ever a fan of the quixotic project, I have decided to watch all of the films nominated for Best Motion Picture at the Oscars this year.

Accordingly, we had a very film-focused weekend. We watched five of the nominations, even cancelling Valentine's dinner to stay on schedule, favouring instead hotdogs and chocolate chip cookies in bed. (Sorry Nuraghe.)

I ended up seeing several films I would never ordinarily consider watching, two of which were brilliant. (I mention no names yet, as I will be announcing our household Oscar predictions on completion of the project. James knows more about film then anyone else I know, and I'm loving our little committee discussions at the end of each viewing.)

We're also planning to take the morning after the ceremony off work, so that we can stay up all night to watch them. I'm usually gutted to have to go to bed whilst it's all going on. Although I did watch them a couple of years ago at a bar in Brooklyn, and saw local boy Martin Scorsese collecting his Academy Honorary Award, which was ace.

I also really enjoyed reading the Vanity Fair Hollywood Portfolio issue over the weekend. The John Hughes article is a must read for those, like me, who grew up on his films.

(PS: I'm dreading having to go and see Avatar. It's not my cup of tea at all. Ugh.)


  1. Great idea. I don't even know what the nominations are at the moment, so need to do a bit of catch up and try to make some predictions. And hot dogs and choc chip cookies sound a great way to celebrate VD with a pile of new movies.

  2. I hate the Oscars.

    And this year's frontrunners are particularly poor (Inglorious?!? Jesus.)

    But I'd plump for District 9 or Up. And I can see the argument for Avatar (ridiculous level of success; technically groundbreaking, etc).

  3. I don't like the look of Avatar as well, and I'm not too sure what Inglorious is doing on the list. I'm totally rooting for Colin Firth for best actor though!


  4. fun project! I had a few years where I always took the day after the Oscar's off- my housemates and I would set our alarms and get up at 3am and watch in our dressing gowns but with liptick and drinking champagne. It's great fun- in fact maybe i will try and get it started again this year!

    Yeah I still haven't seen Avatar- going to have to I suppose but I resent giving James cameron the money I'd rather give to the makers of virtually anything else.

  5. LOL! i don't want to see Avatar either...but everyone seems to like it.
    was A Single Man nominated for best film? i want to see that..
    xox alison

  6. If you accept in advance that avatar is REALLY SILLY and that the dialogue is clunky and, well, bad, then you can just enjoy the spectacle of the 3D - which is amazing. AMAZING.
    Love the sound of this project. Now I want to do it!