Friday, 15 January 2010

Valhalla Brooklyn.

I've got a bit of a problem with It Bags. Actually, a massive problem, now you come to mention it. Since when did it become ethical to peddle the idea that spending £600+ on a handbag is a completely acceptable thing to do? Come on. It's ridiculous for mass-produced leather bags – which is what most of them are, when you cut the PR and marketing out of the equation – to cost more than £200.

Think about all those Mulberry bags that are now lurking at the bottom of wardrobes, because you'd feel a bit of a berk carrying the bag of 2006 on the tube. What you're buying is status, not a bag, and status soon drops when the magazines start pushing next year's new, essential, must buy, best-part-of-a-pay-cheque bag.

Which brings me to Valhalla Brooklyn. Why spend a fortune on something that everyone else has and screams lack of originality, when you can buy something handmade and high quality at a fraction of the price? These bags are gorgeous, unique and good value: the Willow bag I'm lusting after, top left, comes in at £170. Can't say fairer than that, guv. They're only available in a few tiny boutiques in the US, but available to us here in the UK from Etsy.

[Thanks to Alice at Quaint Living for my bag lust!]


  1. Ah ha! :) To be honest normally I spend way less on bags as I tend to go for second hand leather or fabric bags. However it seemed worth spending more to get a nice long lasting handmade leather bag. I am still very pleased with it.

  2. I just don't get the need for such MASSIVE bags really.

  3. They are some very nice bags. I tend to think that £80 is a lot of money for a bag - but with these I could be tempted...

  4. OMG! the bottom left blue one is superb! great prices, love the read this stuff...will check out more thoroughly this weekend. Thanks for the tip! x LZ

  5. What's the leather quality and workmanship like?

    The expensive bag situation has got stupid over the past decade. A basic Chanel 2.55 ten years ago was £600 which was bad enough. Now they are £1200 which is insane. Liberty own brand bags started at round about £400, now closer to £900. There quite simply is no justification (other than the basic law of supply and demand).

    I have to admit that I do have a bit of a bag fetish but it's quality of workmanship that I'm into, which is why I like Chanel bags and really wouldn't thank you for a lot of the 'it' bags out there.

  6. What?! You can only buy them in the states?

    Shame you don't know anyone out there at the moment who might want to indulge his beloved...

  7. OMG they are LUSH. I really need a new bag when I get back too. Will remember to bookmark this post Cazza!

  8. I agree - they look like lovely bags; and so much better value!

    Agatha x

  9. I agree, I find that trends for designer bags and even clothing change so often that I can't even think of spending that amount of money for something I might only use for a few months! Cheap alternatives are best. And at least if from vintage shops, you know no one else has it!

    But that is a gorgeous bag.


  10. Bag prices are madness, you're quite right. You only have to step inside the Mulberry shop to realise their overheads are preeeetty high.
    And yes! Valhalla Brooklyn bags look so great, don't they - I've had my eye on them for AGES. Lovelovelovelove. Have you also seen Moop bags? ( They look great too - they're made of canvas and are all handmade and original and high quality and so on too... and their prices are also very reasonable. I'm just about to order a red one!

  11. granine - the biggest one of these, the grey one, is actually a weekend bag. I love big bags personally, I throw all my bike and gym stuff in there.

    GreatSheElephant - It's funny, as I was writing this I was thinking that Chanel is the exception to the rule! Along with maybe a couple of others. I spotted these on Quaint Living, as Alice has one and seems very happy with the quality. The descriptions of the leather hides are loving and detailed on the etsy site, so I'm trusting that they're good quality!

    WFI - you absolutely crack me up. That thought had crossed my mind, it has to be said...

    yay, kezza! I'm glad you love them. they are so lovely and such good value, to my mind!

    notjustmedical - yep, I love vintage bags too. I'm basically always on the lookout for something well made, good value, and a bit different!

  12. agree these are fantastic- my current beloved is from All Saints- I like a good bag but I don't want it to scream where it is from or which season

  13. hey cazza.... just seen this.... they are GORGEOUS! WANT! hope you don't mind i get one as well... might go for the large weekend one... x