Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reasons to love London: get lost in your own hood.

We decided to go for a walk around our hood today. Normally, we drive to Hampstead Heath and wander there. Instead, we decided to have a nosy around our local streets. (We were inspired by little walks we took at Christmas when we found cosy streets nearby that we didn't know existed.)

Starting out up Dartmouth Park Hill, a quick stop at a local vintage shop. Lots of pretty coloured fifties and sixties dresses, cameras, lamps, paintings... But I was immune to temptation.

Then we went west, towards the Heath, which took us down a street with terraces on one side, a modern housing estate on the other and at the end a curious raised green area. We walked up the hill and, turning back, there was an amazing view over London, but no explanation as to what this strange raised park was.

Across the park I could see a building with huge round windows. I decided I wanted to move there. Imagine those huge windows flooding your living room with light?

We walked around the hill and found this notice on the other side. So, it was covered reservoirs. And probably the new estates and buildings surrounding it were the result of some strategic bombing during WWII, as the crazy Germans aimed for the reservoirs. It reminded me of the Wassertürm in Prenzlauer Berg, in Berlin.

We kept walking towards the Heath and just as I said, 'Hmm, I could do with a pub roast dinner, fancy it?', this little beauty, The Star, came into view.

I'm not massively into pubs but this place is gorgeous. Pretty looking, with decent roasts (I had roast pork loin, which came with crackling, yorkshire pudding and good roast potatoes), cloudy cider on tap, a jukebox and really friendly staff. Plus they do live jazz. It's definitely going to be my new local.


  1. Great pics - you are so lucky having all this on your doorstep. I found some excellent information about Tufnell Park on the internet when I was researching Jones Brothers store on Holloway Rd. Great stuff. Looking forward to visiting that pub too.

  2. What a lovely day this must have been! Great photos too...I love those days where you wander off and explore...that's the beauty of london! Theres always something cool to discover. x LZ

  3. i love that cider! they have it down at the honor oak tavern too. it's a bit south to your local, but i recommend if you find yourself in that neck of the woods.