Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Living the thrifting dream: The Brick House.

In my circle of friends, thrifting, as it's known in the US, is known as 'chazzing'. Derived from our equivalent of the thrift store – the charity shop, aka chazzas – chazzing is the act of drifting from chazza to chazza, sifting for spoils. I'm usually on the hunt for vintage clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and books. But, inspired by the amazing things that my fellow bloggers find, high on my list are vintage oil paintings, drinking glasses, kitchen jars... Man, I'm itching to hit some chazzas.

Top of the list of my chazzing heroes at the moment has to be The Brick House. She lives somewhere near Palm Springs, and posts up BEYOND AWESOME thrift store finds, mainly mid-century stuff for the home that would cost a fortune over here but which is going for a song in the thrift shops of Southern California. Oh, and she's really, really funny, too. Check out this post that had me and Simply the Nest in stitches...

[Photos taken from The Brick House with thanks. And massive respect.]


  1. Haha, chazzas - what a brilliant word. I love looking at antique furniture and little things that probably would have no function in my house, but I'd still like them anyway!

    Looks like an interesting blog, I'll check it out.


  2. I love that 70's ephemera room - what a funny blog she writes that hairy chair!


  3. I found a record by Murry Wilson (father of Brian, Dennis, Carl et al) in a chazza in Palm Springs. It is rubbish.

  4. Love it! Chazzas, hehe. Nice. I'm always one to say that I love vintage furniture though my flat is more Ikea than anything...for me vintage and antique furniture means adulthood...I guess I'm not quite there yet:)

  5. Great blog recco! esp. like the owl painting. And the chairs.

    Palm Springs is good for chazzas, I agree. In fact, I would like to be in Palm Springs right now, gah!

    Oh, and the Wilson dad record sounds interesting...

  6. oh good god.
    I bought a lovely bag in a chazza in Palm Springs.
    There were a few awesome chazza's in Scottsdale AZ too.
    Let's all move to Palm Springs, drink cocktails and go chazzing. And swimming. In our own pool.

  7. hahah - billie and i use 'chazzas' too!!

    i do love a bit of chazzing....

  8. Never heard of chazzas! You learn something new every day ;)

  9. ooooo...thanks for the tip! i think the hubby and i are headed to palm springs in march, so maybe i can find some good spots to hit!

  10. I am now obsessed with The Brick House! I love home charity shop finds the most I think. When I furnish my future home, my dream is to go to America and buy loads of old furniture and kitsch bits and ship them home in a container!