Sunday, 10 January 2010

Home alone.

I have this week off work and have nothing much to do. James is going to a conference in New York and I very nearly went with him but ended up not booking it, because I knew it would turn into a crazy week and I'm feeling kind've tired. I worked out that the last time I spent a week in London in my flat doing absolutely nothing was in May 2007. Which is ridiculous.

So, tempting as it was to go to NYC and see my friends there, I am spending this week home. Alone. Doing absolutely nothing. Should be interesting!

Of course I have a few small ambitions such as blogging (obviously), reading some of the books and watching some of the films I never have time for, sleeping (a LOT - I'm hoping to sleep away some of my wrinkles!), running a couple of times (I'm going to pretend I want to join the gyms nearby so that I can use their treadmills - my gym is near where I work - cunning, eh?). And seeing a couple of friends.

But that's it! Will I go bonkers being by myself all week with not a lot to do? We'll see. I'm already enjoying staying up late on Sunday night and drinking red wine with no fear of a hangover...

[Picture: Apartment Therapy.]


  1. Jealous. You should just run outside, don't faff with the gym. That's the beauty of running, you don't need a gym, you can do it anywhere

  2. I'm definitely going to but the pavements are too slidy out there at the moment, don't you think?

    Yes - I am up at 7:30am on my Monday morning off! My body's not having it, I'm going to drug myself tomorrow!

  3. I want your week instead of mine! Or a week in NYC, that'd be fine as well. I'm not fussy.
    I'd give the pavement running a miss for the time being I reckon ... i tried to run yesterday and it was a big fat failure, it *is* icy and I was so scared of slipping I couldn't get into it properly at all. 'Trial memberships' are a good plan, I've done that before.
    Haha, shame about the body clock but have no fear, you can nap as much as you like this week!

  4. is that your flat looking lovely in the winter sun?

  5. Caroline if that's your flat in that photo, I want to spend a week there! I'm also not working this week. If you fancy an afternoon tea date let me know.

  6. that sounds really good. if worst comes to worst, closets always need sorting out and subsequent shopping.

  7. na, it's all melting innit? Plus it ads to the fun ;) Go for a run on the heath or something on the snowy grass

  8. i know it's perilous to contradict granine, but the heath is actually not a good place to run at the moment (though i agree with her about running outside).

    I'm talking super-slick ice covering steep inclines, on the paths at least. not good fun.

  9. @phil - yeah, there's no way I'm running outside at the moment. My new poncey white trainers would get ruined, anyway.

    @jane - hehe, thanks. first week since May 2007, tho! Don't feel too envious, I was a woman about to have a nervous breakdown!

    @365 - alas, no. just an inspiration pic I took from Apartment Therapy.

    @natalie - ooh, maybe! I have achieved one small task today so let me see how productive I am for the rest of the week. i could really do with a tea appreciation lesson though, and you seem like the kind've chick who could sort me out with that. ;p

    @isa - things will never get that bad. actually, can I pay you to come and sort out my wardrobe? please? hehe.

  10. Easy now PG. You said that was a book for retirement, not a pottering based week in January.

  11. no need to pay me. i'll even pay for my own Eurostar fare.

  12. I would love a week home alone!
    I would rearrange the furniture without having to explain why. I would eat cereal for dinner and tomato soup for breakfast without anyone looking at me like I'm nuts.
    And best of all I'd be so happy to see my husband when he got home.