Friday, 22 January 2010

High notes.

Every year, the gig calendar starts out fairly empty and then slowly builds up. This year is rocking already. (Living in London we're especially lucky. If anything good is going on it usually visits here!)

Kid Creole and the Coconuts are playing at the Barbican! (Regular readers might remember that August Darnell is a bit of an obsession of mine.) We bought our tickets yesterday and managed to snap up the middle of row C. Which is actually the second row. I hope everyone's going to be dancing because I will be, and you won't be able to see otherwise! 

Gil Scott Heron is coming over on tour at some point this year. I've tried to see him for years but it's never worked out. Let's hope he makes it. I can still remember the first time I heard Lady Day and John Coltrane. Mindblower. 

Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards are always a winner for seeing some of the best of the year's acts, as seen through Gilles' jazzy looking glass. Check out this mix which covers the nominees for his best of the last year.

And Pavement are reforming. Awesome! I get to revisit my indie teenager self and rock out in a lo-fi manner. Plus, Stephen Malkmus is still something of a honey. (Both Pavement and Gil Scott Heron are scheduled to play at Coachella. I've never been to a festival – massively not my thing – but one in Southern California I might just be able to handle...)


  1. Caroline Greener22 January 2010 at 12:28

    Yeehaw! Can't wait to bounce around to the P-sters with you once more! xx

  2. ooo, thanks for sharing. i always find it hard in london to go to anything because there is SO MUCH choice, i don't know where to start. and then if i do find something, it is too late and it is sold out. bummer.

    might be dancing with you at one of these!

    ps. really happy to have found your lovely blog!

  3. Not feeling Kid Creole. And opting for a girl night out With the husband goes to see Giles.

    But Gil Scott Heron, I'm in!

  4. you're so right. London never dissapoints when it comes to gigs to go too and Jan/Feb is the time when they all start getting announced and the excitement starts building.. Can 2010 top 2009 - maybe... going to be tough but I think London can do it - GSH - is a good start!!