Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fun stuff.

After my marathon post yesterday, I don't feel like writing much today. Plus yesterday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. So here's some fun stuff I've seen around the interwebs recently that's cheering me up.

I love these passive aggressive wireless network names, above. (Found on Swiss Miss, who always posts the coolest stuff.)

Check out this dump truck cake. Possibly the best birthday cake ever?

These instructions on how to make a wolf suit (stealthily) seriously made me laugh out loud.

Didn't you just love Roseanne? Check out Third and Delaware, a blog dedicated to Roseanne's fashion highlights. I could so easily spend all day watching Roseanne repeats...

And I only just found out that Frank Costanza from Seinfeld is Ben Stiller's father! How did I not know this? Anyway, this is my favourite Frank Costanza outtake. I challenge you to watch this without laughing.

(Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday, dudes. It hasn't all quite sunk in yet as I'm in work until mid-April and it's going to be crazy busy up until then. It was a really difficult decision and I have moments where I wonder if I've gone bonkers - giving up a good job in a lovely place working with friends. But I can but try, and can always go back to work if it doesn't work out!)


  1. A stealthy wolf suit? Freakin' genius. Just checked out the post, and laughed my ass off. Especially the video where she starts beating her sister with her tail. Man, this stuff is why the internet was invented. Thanks for an awesome round-up - you should make this a regular post...

  2. i think myself and cno are the only people in the world that didnt know Ben was an offspring of frank - its now clear how Ben is so effortlessly hilarious...

  3. That's a classic Costanza outtake. I understand that Ben Stiller's parents were a popular comedy duo in the fifties.

  4. I could watch Frank Costanza FOREVER! He was totally my favourite character. Right, you've done it now. I'm digging out the box set.

  5. I never though of using your wireless name to subliminally message your neighbours. Maybe that is why there is someone in my block using the name: IBelongToJesus Possibly they figure this'll get them out of door-knocking duties.

  6. I saw that wolf suit on her site! Amazing, she looks exactly like where the wild things are.

    Those passive aggressive wireless names are hilarious! Right now on my wireless I have 'FoxyMammasHouse' 'hot_babes' 'House of Fun' and 'House of Filth'. They're students of course haha.


  7. 1. Thank you for reminding us that yesterday was the famous 'most depressing day of the year'. I felt it and at least now I don't feel alone. 2. Leaving your job to do what you really want to? So brave! Go for it, girl!! Sabine x

  8. The wireless names are brilliant. I never would have thought of that. BTW, I borrowed your Valhalla Brooklyn bag image today, with credit, because without credit would have been really rude.

  9. hehe - thanks Alice - it is SO why the internet was invented!

    J / toilet / Nat - Frank is the best, isn't he? I need to youtube some clips of his 50s comedy duo career...

    thank you Sabine!

    and no problem, LPC. I love your blog!