Sunday, 3 January 2010

Berlin pictures.

Here are some of our Berlin pictures, now that I'm home and slightly more coherent. (When I last posted I was in my hotel room, preparing to check out both figuratively and literally after five solid days of eating, drinking and snowball fighting. Slightly delicate, let's say.)

Our days were filled with museums and walking the streets. The Bauhaus Archiv was in a fabulous building, and great for a couple of hours of pretending to be a German art student in the 1930s, painstakingly painting colourwheels.

There was an exhibition of Blue Note photography that I really enjoyed at the Jewish Museum. (A brilliant building within interesting exhibits but chaotic, with airport-style security.) Their kosher food exhibit was really interesting too, with a whole room devoted to matzo bread.

I decided that I would like to live on Rosa Luxemburg Platz. Dominated by the stunning Volksbühne building on one side (great for a couple of hours of pretending to be the actress from The Lives of Others, on stage at the People's Theatre); with this awesome cinema facing it, and lined with Soviet style apartment blocks.

Evenings were mainly spent drinking glühwein, tasty beers and cheap cocktails in bars such as Scotch & Sofa and Chagall, both close to where we were staying, in Prenzlauer Berg. Formerly a rundown area in East Berlin, the beautiful buildings are now home to the yummies and their associated boutiques and brunching spots. The evening walk home usually entailed a race up to the top of the area's landmark Wasserturm, a water tower which the Nazis used as a torture chamber. Nice.

On New Year's Eve we sat in our favourite bar, Chagall, and took part in the Berlin tradition of setting off fireworks at midnight. It flew against all six of our British sensibilities, i.e. fireworks are dangerous and more than likely to blow off your hand, if not your whole head. There was an eight year old girl setting off the rockets outside our bar. One guy walked over a burning rocket without a murmur. Luckily we'd consumed several bottles of sekt, so we managed to cope with the scene.

I would've quite liked to go to a huge ballroom dance which was being held in one of the few original theatres left standing after the war, the Admiralspalast. How very Berlin! Unsurprisingly, the boys weren't keen.

Oh and for those who asked: here is a currywurst. It doesn't look like much, but really good sausage smothered in a ketchup and curry powder mix is strangely delicious.

Honestly. I mean, look at this huge queue at Konnopkes Imbiß. (Okay, I'm the kind of girl who likes a battered sausage from the fish and chip shop, so I don't blame you if you don't believe me.)

Some more awesome photos of our trip here. (Hope you don't mind, Paddy.)


  1. Great post thats finished off with a great picture of a great snack. a great holiday to round off a really great year

  2. Top times.

    Although I think I might be permanently broken.

  3. I have a picture (or 10) to match every one of yours. We either both have great taste or need to learn to think for ourselves

  4. Good photos - I especially like the one of the Ballroom Dance poster. I would like to put that on my design blog if you don't mind?

  5. Course not Alex. I've got an uncropped photo I can send if you like?

    I'm feeling slightly broken today I have to say.

    And James - I think what you're saying there is 'great'?

  6. That would be great if you could send it uncropped. Thanks.

  7. Caroline, I am a little freaked out by how much we have in common! Reading your blog is an enjoyable but strange experience: so many interests in common, and even being within about 500m of each other on NYE. Weird.

  8. Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean about Germans and their fireworks! I am the MOST safety-conscious person you can imagine, and I was shocked the first time I spent New Year's Eve in Germany. The Dutch are the same, they just haven't been instilled with the same fear we have.

  9. I've finally put your photo on my design blog. Thanks again for that.

  10. Fantastic photos...
    Came back from Berlin on Tuesday - this was my 1st trip out there (The Boy has been before) - I loved it and also spent copius amounts of time in Galleries... nice!