Thursday, 17 December 2009

White Christmas, the Charlotte Street Hotel.

For the perfect way to end a day of Christmas shopping in the West End this Sunday, mosey down to the Charlotte Street Hotel, have champagne afternoon tea and watch White Christmas in their plush private screening room. With the entrance lamps lit and (hopefully) fat snowflakes drifting by, it will get Christmas week off to a perfect start. I'm very tempted. Charlotte Street Hotel Film Club details here.


  1. That looks lovely! I would also recommend the Covent Garden has a similar llok and style tot it- very British but modern and cozy...thx for the tip! x LZ

  2. So sad this isn't an option for me. I lurve White Christmas.

  3. i LOVELOVELOVE that movie!!! i've watched it twice already this year...but only sitting on my nasty old sofa at home--NOT in a posh, private screening room. =(