Friday, 4 December 2009

The Pixies - so 1992...

Sorry to go all 1992 on you, but I saw the film LOUDquietLOUD last night, about The Pixies reforming in 2004. It was brilliant: kind've fascinating to see what happens to those in the music industry when their light dies down. (Kim Deal lives with her parents in Ohio and sleeps all day and the drummer took up metal detecting and magic.) It was fascinating to see the dysfunctionality reuniting, but then creating magic on stage again. They were really good, weren't they? I'm going on a Pixies re-listen today.

The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man


  1. i feel so lucky to have seen the pixies twice on their reunion tour a few years back...they are just mind blowing!!!

  2. Ooh, lucky! It somehow missed my entire radar and when I found out my other half, who works in the ticket business, was like, 'Oh, I could've got you tickets for that.'Gutted! They are awesome. I feel 14 again when I listen to them. :)