Wednesday, 23 December 2009

My year in pictures.

Inspired by What Katie Does, I've decided to show my year in pictures. And, looking back, it has been pretty awesome!

We woke up in Brooklyn on the first day of January. We stayed in the flat of some friends who were travelling and looked after their cats. It was the best holiday; lots of sleeping, seeing friends, exploring Brooklyn and eating the best Mexican food I've ever had, at the local bodega. And we went to see Liza Minnelli!

It was the year we claimed back our garden. The noisy Portuguese man who lived upstairs and terrorised us every time we stepped in the garden moved OUT. Yippee!

We adopted Hoops and Fred! I've been wanting to get cats for years, but after cat sitting in New York our minds were made up. And we now have two absolutely awesome cats. This was Fred when we went to see them in the rescue. I mean, honestly. Heartbreaker. She's climbing up the curtain as I type this, though. Little git.

I spent my birthday in Miami on a private island. We managed to swap our flat in Tufnell Park for an apartment on Fisher Island. Still not sure how we managed to pull it off, but it was amusing to sample a Miami blinger lifestyle for a couple of weeks!

We went back to New York for our friends' wedding. It was on a beach overlooked by the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, on a beautiful May day. With cakes from Baked. Totally awesome. (Congratulations again, dudes.)

I went up to Yorkshire for a wedding straight out of The Wicker Man. It was in an ancient coaching inn, next to a bridge over the River Wharfe where I used to go and play as a child. They had morris dancers. It was magical.

We went up to Edinburgh to see Crosby Stills & Nash play at the castle. It was a weekend of drinking whisky, eating surprisingly well (The Outsider was a particularly memorable restaurant) and climbing up Arthur's Seat, an ancient volcano with views over the whole city.

We visited Sicily. The beaches were stunning, and reached by private boats run by pretend pirates. We went to beaches overlooked by live volcanoes, with white sand, black volcanic sand, white fluffy pumice stones, shiny black was like holidaying on the moon.

I saw Steely Dan play! I was in the midst of a Steely Dan obsession when they announced the dates in London. And they did not disappoint. Those two dudes are the coolest. Best show I saw all year.

We went to Whitstable, blew up rubber rings, and floated out to sea with flutes of prosecco. The sunburn and hangover were no joke, but it was as good as British seaside fun gets.

England won the Ashes! Yeah! Screw you, Australia. We were there on the last two days.

Other than that, we spent hours and hours on the Heath.

And the fun's not over yet! It's nearly Christmas! And we're going to Berlin the day after Boxing Day, to see in the new year with wurst and big beers. (See profile picture.) What are you all doing for New Year's Eve? And bloggers: get your year in pictures up, pronto!


  1. Waah the picture of your cat kills me! So cute! We got our cats this year too. I keep meaning to sort out a year in pictures, I will make sure to do so over the Christmas break.

    For NYE I am going to a house party. I hope that you have a good 2010!

  2. I went to Stirling on Monday. That was as exciting as it got this year. Arse.

  3. I'm totally gonna do a year in pics post, but probably wait 'til after Christmas so I can weave in some crap about my resolutions and stuff too.

    We have no plans for NYE yet. Rather pathetic really.

  4. Your year sounds so much fun - what a lot to fit into 12 months. Looks like a lot of good times were had. Have a very happy Christmas - for NYE I am having a night in with a good friend - I can't wait!

  5. Sweet. Liking this a lot. I will totally be copying.

    Btw, how did you manage to find the time to post every day while simultaneously taking so many awesome holidays?

  6. wow! what amazing trips you took this year! my one vacay to bermuda is now feeling really lame. ;)

  7. What a fun-filled year! I want a pet of some kind...maybe 2010 will be the year.

    Thank you for your comment by the way. :)


  8. As a co-participant on all of this fun (well nearly all - i didn't make the Morris dancing wedding..) have to agree its been a totally fun packed year and i loved seeing these pictures today... - some great times we had..xx

    p.s - Although it was one of the great gigs of all time - the Steely Dan gig has to come 2nd to seeing Joe Bataan play in London for the first time ever (which could actually be my favourite gig ever) but I guess we didnt take photos that night...

    Heres to even more fun in the next decade..

  9. Which was that restaurant in Edinburgh? The one we lunched in?

  10. how wonderful - you see how much fun you had. i want to do that too!

    xoxo alison

  11. Alice: I don't know. Piecing together that post and seeing everything we'd done did make me think, 'Oh! This is why I'm tired all the time!', though.

    Rebekah: Bermuda... YUM. Totally non-lame alert!

    Blogarella: Just do it! I kept putting it off and am so glad we did it!

    J: Ahh, cute comment. Joe Bataan was mega too, and I did take pictures, actch. 2nd to The Dan in my eyes, though.

    Granine: yes, the one we went too for lunch. The one we went to for Sunday lunch was mega too, though!

    Have a wicked Christmas and New Year, peeps. xxx