Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hampstead Heath action.

It actually stopped raining in London this weekend. So we headed to the Heath to frolic in the veritably tropical weather. Hampstead Heath is so funny: people get dressed up to go for a walk, in their best Hunter wellies, Miu Miu bags and Raybans. It is completely, utterly gorgeous though, you can always wander and feel as though you're lost. And we actually found Kenwood House today. (After years of wandering on the Heath, even going to concerts in the grounds, but somehow never actually making it to Kenwood.) We stopped for lunch at the Kalendar Café – smoked haddock with hollandaise, asparagus and colcannon, OH YEAH – then hit Corks and Forks, the awesome deli next door, to stock up on Christmas hamper fillers. And now I'm going to have chestnut purée on toast. A perfect December Sunday.


  1. BIG envy - roll on Christmas week!

  2. Aha, so this is where all the sunshine has gotten to!

    Frolics, hollondaise sauce, Christmas hampers... sounds like my perfect weekend.

    We took the dogs for a walk in the local park on Sunday - people also dress up for walking in the park in Manchester y'know. Well, that's if you count a can of Boddingtons and a Staffordshire bull terrier as accessorising. It's proper grim up norf!

  3. Ooh - that all sounds so lovely! A perfect Sunday indeed. You're right about the Hampstead welly-wearers (that said, I totally want some Hunters...).
    Chestnut puree on toast you say? WANT.