Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Give praise to modernism.

I was just scrolling this rather awesome page of Brazilian modernist architecture when I saw the Cathedral of Brasilia, designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1970.

Isn't it uncannily similar to the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral? (Designed by Frederick Gibberd in 1962.)

[Photography: Julian Weyer and Creative Commons/Chowells]


  1. Brasilia and Niemeyer are fucking amazing! Have you ever seen the aerial photo of the city he designed as it was - it is shaped like an airplane! The whole city!

    Obviously it has outgrown that shape now, but you NEED to see it. For some reason it is hardly ever mentioned when you see articles about the place. WTF? I'll try and find an image if I can.

  2. Sounds awesome, I'll look it up. Ta Sid.