Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dear Santa...

It was my work Christmas party last night. It was on the rooftop at private members club Shoreditch House, which was sooo lovely; if I still lived in East London I'd deffo join. Unfinished brick walls, wall to wall plushness, rooftop swimming pool overlooking the City... I was home by 11pm like a good girl but am still horrendously hungover.

Unfortunately, my hangover is making me feel very wanty. I saw a girl with over-the-knee boots on the tube this morning, and it has sparked a desire for some urban waders of my own. What do you think? Feeling this look, or what?

Unfortunately, my Christmas list already includes a return flight to New York, a nice deco diamond, a digital SLR camera (so that I can faire du Garance) and a Flip. Too much, Santa?

[Imagery from Vogue Paris, The Sartorialist]


  1. So chocolate pennies and a sugar mouse wont do? x

  2. LOVE that look...a whiff of '70s, yet totally timeless. and i'm glad to know someone else's christmas list equals mine in extravagance!!! ;)

  3. I love the boots but any over the knee boots on my short little legs would probably skim my upper thighs (that is assuming they get over my plump calves).

    Do you want the diamond for any particular finger? No, no forget I asked.

  4. i've been wearing them for the past three winters and the best part is no more cold knees. one vote for.