Friday, 11 December 2009

A cycling tour through the Windy C.

I'm dreaming about Chicago and cycling through snow, this morning. This picture was taken last night and posted on this lovely cycling blog, written by two girls who 'practice city cycling with style'. I like the mission statement. And I really want to cycle down that frosty street! Apparently they use studded tyres to combat the ice and snow over there. Obviously, London just shuts down as soon as it starts snowing so I have no need for such a thing. I'm going to read their Chicago city guide now and have a little daydream tour through Chicago, on a vintage Schwinn bicycle, wearing some cute vintage dress I bought after a happy day of thrifting...anyone wanna meet up for a deep dish pizza?


  1. Hello! I came over from seeing your comment on the Let's Go Ride A Bike site, I really like your list of cycling tips below and agree with every one of them. It is nice to hear of someone else who stops at red lights :)

  2. Hello and happy to find your blog! I just narrowly escaped some snow in the mid-west in the states, and headed home to the west coast! I sure do not miss it, however this picture is pretty charming. Also after reading your previous post - I am making a wholehearted effort to start using the term "porridge" for my daily breakfast :-)

  3. you name the date and time, and i'm there!!! i lovelovelove chicago!

    and yes, there was a fuzzy intruded in my picture sweet, sweet zelda. isn't she the cutest? (as you can see, like any parent, i have no ability to be impartial!) ;)

    have a great weekend!