Monday, 7 December 2009

Channeling Costanza.

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I've been having a total George Costanza moment lately, on Monday mornings. A couple of weekends ago when I was rushing out of the door to get to work, I had the genius idea of wearing the same clothes as the day before. Because no-one at work would know, right? (Well, except for the couple of workmates who read this blog. Sorry to drop his bombshell on you, dudes.) It saves a precious few Monday morning minutes!

I totally Costanzaed this morning, and it feels good!

(For those who don't know who Costanza is...go. Learn. You too can experience these simple joys.) And is anyone watching the latest series of Curb? The Larry / George juxtaposition is too genius.


  1. You'll be eating out of bins and taking your shirt off to go to the toilet before you know it.

  2. Oh, and this is the original theme tune that George's machine message is based on. It's fast becoming my favourite TV theme tune.

  3. If I wore my Sunday clothes to work on a Monday I would be most likely sitting here at my desk in my Pyjama bottoms with a blanket wrapped around me.

  4. Janine - true, it only works if you have deigned to get dressed the day before. I truly derive a lot of pleasure from picking up yesterday's clothes on a Monday morning now, though. Old age.

    Alex - that is awesome. Have you been watching Curb? We've had to watch all the Seinfeld ones twice. I might give up watching TV now. It can never be bettered.

  5. I have indeed been watching Curb - incredible stuff. I was thinking I might rewatch them over the festive period myself.

  6. VG Alex. And let us not forget to celebrate Festivus on the 23rd.

  7. LOVE george costanza.
    LOVE curb your enthusiasm...
    LOVE larry david.
    and by love, i mean love to hate them and watch until i want to rip my hair out at the ridiculous way they think and the things they say. and above all, i love how after watching curb, i can see larry in everything george does. it's really fantastically genius. and hilarious. excellent post :)

  8. I know I'm almost a year late on this post - but oh how I love & miss Seinfeld. Love your Costanza moment Caroline!

    Excellent, Festivus is almost upon us again - let the traditional 'airing of grievances' & 'feats of strength' commence.