Friday, 18 December 2009

Boxing Day trifle.

Every year at Christmas, Grandma and I used to make a trifle. I still have the same huge bowl with white and orange floral print that we used, but as there are only four of us a giant trifle is sadly not required. I think I'll make mini trifles for Boxing Day in vintage champagne glasses, perhaps piña colada trifles as inspired by The Modern Pantry. With pineapple, Mum's plum jam, coconut rum and a super-snowy dusting of coconut.

Grandma also used to try to make us start Christmas dinner with half a grapefruit with a cherry on top. Who wants to eat that when there are roast potatoes and parsnips afoot? But I might reclaim the tradition in her honour.

I am so excited! Christmas dinner is definitely my favourite meal of the year. Which traditions will you be following in the kitchen this year?

[Picture of Lobster & Seashorses Grandma's trifle borrowed with thanks.] 


  1. Pineapple, coconut and rum. And bananas and you've got my food nightmare. This year we are starting traditions, kicking off with kedgeree xmas morn.

  2. christmas is the one day of the year i forget that i'm vegetarian and eat my mom's yorkshire pudding with wild abandon (but not the roast that goes with it!). can't wait!!!

  3. "as there are only four of us a giant trifle is sadly not required."

    Are you sure about that? Some us can eat giant trifles completely unassisted and fully intend to do so.

  4. It's actually the size of the fridge that's stopping me, now I think about it. I could totally beat you in a trifle eating competitions, GSE. I am confident of that.

    You and your tropical fruit phobia, Liz. Bleedin' love a bit of kedgeree, tho. I got some pollock from Abel and Cole this week. A fine bit of fish, it'd be lovely in a kedgeree. (You'd constructed about ten double entendres based on the word 'pollock' by the time you'd finished reading that sentence, hadn't you?)

    Rebekah - being a child of Yorkshire, I love a Yorkshire pud. Have you tried them for pudding with ice-cream and treacle? Hmmmmmm...

  5. I lvoe the Modern Pantry!!! That looks divine! I think we'll make Christmas cookies per usual...never tire of them! x LZ

  6. That trifle looks super-fine! It's so cold right now that you don't even need a fridge - just stick it outside the back door and you'll be sorted.

    Every Christmas I prepare that most traditional of festive repasts - lobster thermidor. There's nothing like kicking off the festive season with a round of Traditional Christmas Lobster (or TCL, as it's affectionately referred to chez nous). It's very easy to make, and if you do it properly everyone ends up coated in a thin film of lobster by the end of the meal, which is nice.

  7. You're a bloody genius Alice. I might stick some of the Christmas bottles outside, bcs we've run out of space in the kitchen!

    A huge trifle would also look very cute on the wall outside. Think I might need to do it.