Saturday, 21 November 2009

To tie a scarf: how do you wear yours?

In The Guardian's Weekend magazine this morning there is a great article about how to wear an Hermès scarf. Which doesn't fully resolve the issue: in my opinion the silk scarf is a tricky thing to get right, and can leave you erring dangerously on the side of Middle England housewife if you get it wrong.

Take Giovanna here: she edges up the scarf with those snakeskin boots (to die for) and that leopard clutch. And the scarf, knotted irreverently in the way you seem to need to be either French or Italian to achieve.

These looks are a little more within my grasp. (As are the scarves - I have several similar to both, that I pick up in the Indian shops down Brick Lane.) The current Head of Chic herself, Garance Doré. (I love how she's wearing these shoes, too!)

And how pretty does this girl look?

So, how do you wear yours?

[All photographs from The Sartorialist.]


  1. yeah, that's going to be me when I get fringed

  2. I go for the hide your triple chin effect myself.

  3. i wear HUGE scarves all the time, and since i have a very long neck, i try to loop them to create cowl effect, then knot or tuck the ends in an attempt to evoke that french/italian vibe. i pretty sure i look like a fool. ;)

  4. Noooo Rebekah! I'm sure you look fabulous. As do I, of course. :p

  5. If I have a complex outfit and a single scarf would miss some of the "wow" elements in it, I weave a few together for a more polished look.

  6. does anyone know how the last girl tied hers?