Sunday, 8 November 2009

Rosson Crow and Koenig House – Case Study House #22.

I was just idly googling Rosson Crow and cursing the fact I'd missed her show at the White Cube earlier this year when I saw this painting of hers, Koenig House. My tongue lolled out a little bit and I mentally stamped my foot in an 'it's not fair' kind of way. I love this house. If you follow me on twitter you might notice that I have the famous Julius Shulman photograph of it as my background picture. Pierre Koenig's Case Study House #22  'Stahl House', is a thing of immense beauty, my soulhome, I can't understand why I am not sitting in that front room overlooking Los Angeles right now.

At the very least, I think Rosson Crow should send me that painting. I love her work and her attitude; a rock n roll Texan living in LA and painting brash n proud. And she is gorgeous, too. I love it!

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