Monday, 30 November 2009

Mos Def at The Forum, London.

I wasn't going to bother blogging about the Mos Def show at The Forum last night, so I didn't take my camera. I thought it would be pretty run of the mill, and was only really going because it was free (a perk of J's job) and ten minutes walk away.

But he was brilliant! The place was absolutely packed with NyLon hipsters (big patterned hair wraps, geek glasses, cool hats) and the velvet booths near us had name tags like Amy Winehouse and Mr Hudson. The atmosphere was amazing. Dressed like a ska kid, in braces and peg trousers with loafers, he came on and sat at a drumkit at the side of the stage. Played most of his recent album The Ecstatic and then went into a revue of Mos Def brilliance; a note perfect Billie Jean with MOONWALKING, Holding Back The Years by Simply Red (out of the hat, sounded amazing), a little ragtime dance to some Aretha and Ray Charles, and singalong to Eddie Murphy performing The Greatest Love of All. It was as if he'd sat down before the show with his mates and performed whatever they'd been listening to. Awesome.

He totally overran, and finished with a triumphant Umi Says. And he really did shine his light: no expectations jaded old me, he blew my mind.

[Photo by @rereality]

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  1. totally agree.... - i've been a bit "meh" on mos the last couple of years... couple of dodgy movies and lps will do that.... however i love his new LP - and couldnt wait to go...

    he was awesome.. what a show man... - i loved the skits etc between the tracks - it all worked so well...

    went with low(ish) expectations and left on a high. excellent gig all round.