Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A modernist home you'd die to live in.

After wandering around Highgate Cemetery at the weekend, we stumbled out of the gates and onto Swains Lane and, just as the sun was setting, saw this house, glowing. It sits right on the edge of the cemetery, almost completely glazed along the adjoining sides.

If you're a regular reader you'll know that I'm all about modernist architecture and jones for the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of our Californian friends. Unfortunately, this lifestyle is out of the reach of the average Londoner.

We oohed and ahhed at it but, fresh from a slightly eerie tour of the graveyard, decided that we wouldn't want to live there. The old West Cemetery is largely unvisited and overgrown. It just seemed a bit too...spooky. Would you want to live there?

Read an interview with the owner here.

[Photography: Lyndon Douglas / SMC/SMC]
[Credit for the bad pun in this post's title goes to Des' dad.] 


  1. I'm with you on this one. This house is fantastic but just a little too spooky at night for me.
    what a fantastic thing to find on your walk.

  2. I would! Imagine the quiet....and as for the house itself, I wish there were more pictures of the interior. I will see what I can find - that is totally my kind of house!

  3. It makes a good mix of the modern and Victorian gothic. Personally I would prefer to live in the house from Psycho - all that glass - look rather silly veiled in lace curtains.

  4. I dunno Alice. It was REALLY spooky in that graveyard. There are pictures somewhere of the interior, sorry! I should've linked to them. All very minimal, of course. A friend of mine looked around it recently and said it is just too bare inside - no storage anywhere, not even concealed storage.