Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I'd quite like to move to: Silver Lake, LA.

So, I've found the house I'd like to move to in LA. (Pictured top.) It's only $1.7m. It's in Silver Lake, on the hills opposite the Hollywood Hills and built around a reservoir (which acts as the nabe's very own alpine lake but with hills covered in modernist homes instead of cows). There are lots of Neutras (he built his own crib in this hood) and John Lautner's Silvertop, which I posted about yesterday and which is the crowning glory of the nabe, in my opinion. (Shown in the tiled pictures above. Bottom left is the master bedroom wall that opens up. Sigh.)

When we stayed in Silver Lake we stayed at Edgecliffe House. And I really fell in love with the area. As a Londoner, the inside-out living notion blew my mind. There were bedrooms that opened up to the sky! Bohemian Modern, by Barbara Bestor, gives a peek into many of the homes in the neighbourhood, including the house I'm going to buy. Right, just off to buy a lottery ticket...

[Silvertop images with thanks to Andy Jelmert & Michael Locke]


  1. You had better buy it quickly, or I might buy it first :-)

    Loving that bedroom wall. Wonder if the council would let me install one at home? Oh wait. I live in Manchester. Rain capital of the country. Maybe not!

  2. absolutely beautiful! good luck with the lottery thing!